Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Time to Die

I wish that I could have said goodbye,
Before you died,
Sometimes I imagine you as you fell,
A kind of hell.

I cannot go there,
Without deep despair,
 I force my mind to turn away,
To focus on all our other days.

You were happy walking,
On your cell phone talking,
To a good friend,
Shortly before your end.

You were sharing ideas about your art,
What you would start,
Plans, projects, your senior portfolio,
Which direction you would go.

Your last college year,
You were in high gear,
Full of ideas and dreams,
That you wanted to be seen.

If there is a time to die,
I am grateful that you passed on a high,
At the top of your game,
With no one to blame.

To know you were laughing and full of light,
Enjoying your walk on a beautiful night,
Helps me to know,
It was a positive way for you to go.

No pain, no disease,
In seconds you were free,
 I can imagine your surprise,
When you realized you had died.

We are all now on a different walk,
Not ever consciously sought,
But maybe part of a bigger plan,
We don't yet fully understand.

We suffer and we grieve,
But I believe,
That eventually we will see,
What we came here to do and be.

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