Saturday, July 25, 2015


Here is a wonderful sign today that my husband had from our son.  I was in another aisle. 

My wife Claire Ann and I were in Wegman's today shopping and I was looking through the wines. I looked up and immediately in front of me was this Graham's tawny port. This is very definitely a sign for me because my son's name is Graham. What's more, before he passed he liked tawny port. Also, if he had lived he would have been 30 years old in 2015.

Graham's birthday is March 30th. and he would have been 30 years old.  This was a sign in several different ways.  We are still marveling at it. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Remember Me

This morning I was at a store in their jewelry department to return a bracelet that I had bought. I ended up exchanging it for another meaningful bracelet for my angel son, Graham. After doing that I decided to look for a pair of two tone earrings. A different saleswoman came over to ask me if she could help me find what I was looking for. She directed me to a small area of Brighton jewelry that I hadn't seen. While I was looking at the earrings, I noticed the necklaces that were there too. I was so surprised when I saw there were words on the back of one of them. The words are, "When you wear this remember me." I knew that Graham had directed me to find this. I was tearful as I was making my purchase.

I explained to the saleswoman why this was so emotional for me. She was very kind. She was from another country. I asked her where she was from. She said she was from Korea. That was such a surprise too because Graham was born in Korea! We spent two years there while my husband was in the Army. That was another amazing connection. I am continually amazed with all the ways Graham finds to comfort and assure me of his eternal love and presence. Our loved ones are not here in the way we want them to be, but they are still here. Love truly is always and forever.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Swan Song

 I have been receiving many swan messages and signs recently.  When I did a little research into the meaning of swans I discovered they have great symbolism.   I ordered two white swans to have beside our lovely water feature/pond in our back yard.  I think they are beautiful and speak to the partnership that my son and I share.   I was moved to write this poem.

Swan Song

Ancient symbols of love and eternity,
Union, bonds, and loyalty,
Strong and graceful, stately and white,
Swan pairs often unite for life.

A devoted partnership of beauty and grace,
Calm and serene, moving without haste,
On water that is calm and ripple free,
Swans appear to glide effortlessly.

What lovely ideals swans represent,
Spiritual messages that are heaven sent,
They speak of the soul and transformation,
Music, poetry, and inspiration.

A bridge between the ordinary and the divine,
Realization that comes with the passing of time,
They sing a song of beauty unsurpassed,
Of inner realms, intuition, and love that is vast.

Swan Symbolism

My Beautiful Soul's photo.I have a friend who shared this lovely image with me last night. She said that my relationship with my angel son, Graham, reminds her of swans, and did I know how loyal swans are to each other. I knew that swans mated for life, but I didn't know some of their other significance. I did a google search and found this link that had some fascinating information about swan symbolism.… One of the interesting things I learned was that in Celtic tradition the swan represents the soul, our eternal essence. My ancestry is all British Isles so this appealed to me.
The funny thing is my husband had been looking through our kitchen drawers a few days ago searching for something. He pulled out a small carved wooden swan that was in one of the drawers and asked why that was there. I said that someone had given it to me years ago and I didn't know what to do with it so I had stuck it in a drawer and forgotten about it. It's still on my kitchen counter. The synchronicity of this made me realize that this was a message.

Today a special friend was visiting. We went to an Irish pub for lunch in historic downtown Fredericksburg. Afterwards we went into an Irish shop nearby. I was looking at the Celtic jewelry in a display case and was amazed when I noticed a necklace that appeared to be swans! I asked the saleswoman if it was swans and could I look at it. I have never seen jewelry with swans before. She said they were swans. I knew that was another sign and felt that I should buy it. When I was paying for the necklace the saleswoman started rubbing her hands together and said someone must be talking about her because her palms were tingling. I looked at her and said, I know why your hands are tingling. I showed her a picture of my son and told her that he had passed and that the swans were a sign from him. What a profound moment. We all just looked at each other and marveled in the significance of it all.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stardust Messages

Several years ago my husband and I made the desk top background on our computer this sky scene and added a line from a Gregory and the Hawks song called "Boats and Birds."  The line is "If You'll Be My Star, I'll Be Your Sky." That line so beautifully expresses the way I feel about my angel son, Graham. I hadn't listened to this song in a long time. This morning I decided to listen to it again. I was brought to tears of amazement when I heard the line, "just leave me your stardust to remember you by." Just a week or so ago I wrote a poem I titled "Trail of Stardust!" I didn't remember that line in the song.
There are so many signs, symbols, messages and synchronicities that come from the other side. I feel they are miracles that help expand our minds to understanding that there is so much more than what we perceive through our five senses. Our loved ones in spirit are helping us to understand this. Love truly is always and forever.

WOW! This afternoon after posting this to the Facebook group, Signs From Our Loved Ones, I went to the mall. When I was walking through the mall to leave I heard this special song play, "Bright," by Echosmith.  I love this song.  I have it on my iTunes play list of songs for Graham.   Guess what one of the lines in this song is? "You sprinkle stardust on my pillow case!" Thank you, Graham, my darling angel boy. I am following your trail of stardust.  xoxo

Friday, June 19, 2015

"All of Me" song message

Last Sunday I had a message from a Facebook friend in Canada. She said that she had been reading my blog on Saturday. That evening she and her husband were out in a large public place. When she went into the washroom she heard the song, "All of Me," by John Legend play.

This really struck her because this song is special to me and was on one of my blog posts that she had read earlier that day about my angel son, Graham. She said that this normally very busy washroom was totally empty and quiet. That's why she heard the song. She said it's the only song that she could clearly make out that entire evening. My friend lost a young son years ago. She said she felt her son at that moment saying, yes, mommy, yes. What a beautiful sign and message of love from our two dear sons. 

The other day I was having lunch with a special long time friend at a downtown restaurant. I was sharing this story with her as we were sitting enjoying our lunch. In the next minute, I kid you not, "All of Me" played in the restaurant! I just sat there and cried in love and gratitude. What beautiful validation from my darling angel boy that love is always and forever.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Trail of Stardust

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

For Graham, my treasured trailblazer.  I love you.

Trail of Stardust

You scatter stardust wherever you go,
Leaving a glittering trail to follow,
It’s magical and sparkling with incandescent light,
Brightening up the sky at night.

In the moon’s soft glow or the sunshine’s rays,
Your shimmering trail is wherever I gaze,
Around the planets, stars, and constellations,
I feel your love and elation.

Unfettered, your soul is free,
Promising you wait for me,
With trails of stardust, your love’s reflection,
In heavenly joy and our heart’s connection.

Copyright © C.A. Stevenson 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

To Dance With The White Dog

Some months back a Signs From Our Loved Ones member mentioned "To Dance With The White Dog" was one of her favorite movies. I had never heard of it. It's a little old so it's not available for streaming. The other day when I was in a Hallmark store that I don't usually go to I saw this movie on a shelf! I had to buy it. My husband and I watched this sweet movie last night. It has a beautiful message of eternal love. We felt it was very meaningful. You might like to watch it too. Here is a trailer for it.

Trailer for the movie, "To Dance With The White Dog."

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Doves and Feathers

This afternoon my husband and I were out and about. As we were driving we saw a license plate on a car that read WYT DOVE (White Dove). We wondered if that could be a sign for us. Doves are very symbolic. Some of the symbols for dove are eternity, mother, love, and peace. Here is a link if you would like to read more about dove symbolism -
A little later we were at a shopping center and came to a stop beside a van that had a graphic of two white doves on the back window! We knew then this was definitely a message; I took a picture and uploaded with this post.

When we were returning home we couldn't believe it when we noticed the car in front of us had a white feather on top of it where the car antenna is. That was so unusual and tied directly into our previous two signs with white doves. We were talking about this amazing sequence of events with these series of signs as we continued driving home.

When we got to our house I picked up our mail. There was an envelope from an American Indian school that I opened. Inside there was an assortment of cards. The first card on top was a picture of a dream catcher with feathers! 

As if that wasn't significant enough, the message inside the card read "Thinking of you and sending pleasant thoughts your way." Wow! At this point I just stood there and cried and thanked my beautiful angel boy, Graham. I miss his physical presence every minute but Graham shows me he is alive and well and continues to be with me in spirit. There is no power greater than love. Love is the bridge between us here on earth and our loved ones in heaven.

Earlier in the week a friend of mine who is also a medium said that Graham told her to tell me to be looking for signs from him with flowers, trees, birds, and possibly a letter or a card. What a terrific validation this was. Stay open to all possibilities. We are never alone. Our loved ones are right beside us.

Friday, May 1, 2015

All Of Me Loves All Of You

I love the beautiful song, "All of Me" by John Legend. It really speaks to my heart. I feel that it's a message from my dear son, Graham, every time I hear it. The song expresses my feelings with him too.
I was in my local Hallmark store today and saw this plaque. The words to this special song are on it! I just had to smile and take a picture to share with everyone. Messages are everywhere for us from our loved ones in spirit. We just need to be aware.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Birthday Signs

Graham, my son in spirit, had a Mazda Miata that he loved.  A couple of days ago my husband said he followed a Mazda Miata in a parking lot.  He was going to buy me a card and present for my birthday.   The car dealership name on the car was the same as our last name - Stevenson.  My husband said he felt like Graham was accompanying him while he was doing this birthday shopping for me. 

Yesterday was my birthday.  I stopped by a store where a friend of mine works.  She wanted me to come by because she had a birthday gift she wanted to give me.  As I was walking to the store I saw a Mazda Miata with pop-up lights like the model my son drove parked in front of the store. Our sweet boy wanted us to know that he is still here and celebrating my birthday too.  What comfort on a bittersweet day.   Love is always and forever.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Tiny Feather Pick-Me-Up

The weather was beautiful today.  My husband and I decided to go to a garden center this afternoon to look at the flowers.  I was looking at a very pretty pot of red geraniums to put beside my front door.  I was delighted to find a tiny feather in the leaves!  I was feeling sad today and this was such a great little pick me up.  Our loved ones in spirit  know when we need some comfort.  Thank you, Graham, my sweet boy.  Your love and signs and messages are what keep me going. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

No Limits

I noticed this business van in front of me today while driving. The company name made me immediately think of my poem, "Celestial Realms."  I often quote the last two lines in this poem as the inscription when I sign my books:

Love can’t be measured by hours or minutes,
Love has no boundaries, love has no limits.

Thank you Graham, my dear son, for this wonderful sign.  I have certainly been learning this truth.  Love has no limits.

Celestial Realms

You can now be found,
In Heaven’s celestial realms,
No longer bound by earthly cares,
Trouble-free and light as air.

Happy, and where you are meant to be,
In the plan of eternity,
Having made that highest climb,
Living in joy sublime.

I envy you your new birth,
It’s hard living on this earth,
And with you no longer here,
My days are filled with many tears.

I am trusting in a Divine plan,
Believing our lives are in God’s hands,
Finding faith to persevere,
Praying life’s meaning becomes more clear.

I want to be happy too,
Even though I can’t be with you,
You are with me in other ways,
I feel your presence every day.

Run amidst the moon and stars,
We are together wherever we are,
Love can’t be measured by hours or minutes,
Love has no boundaries, love has no limits.