Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rainbow Cloud Angel

My husband just stepped out onto our deck and then called for me to come and look at a cloud. There was a rainbow in it! I said we need to take some pictures. When looking at the pictures on the computer I now notice the cloud is unusually shaped too. I think it looks like a rainbow angel, my darling angel boy. I can also clearly see his face. I believe that our dear son, Graham, was giving his mom and dad a heavenly hello.

"No matter how far I'm gonna find my way to you..."

Colbie Caillat - "Rainbow" (YouTube)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Divine Memories Angel Statue

Last Tuesday I had the thought of adding an angel statue to the planted island area in our front yard. I did a little searching on line and found one that I thought might be nice, but wasn't certain. The next day I decided to look a little more and found an angel statue that had me in tears. I had such a powerful emotional reaction to it - I knew this was the one. It is called "Divine Memories." It is available from Amazon and this website:

I was having a little landscaping done in my yard that same day. When the work was completed I went out to see what had been done. I was so surprised to find a feather in the yard by this finished work!
When my husband came home from work I showed him the angel statue online and the feather I had found. He really liked the statue too. We then ordered it online.

Wednesday evenings I usually listen to one of our wonderful group members' ( Pamela Marie Edmunds MediumandHealer ) blogtalkradio internet radio shows. My husband said, isn't it interesting that Pamela's show tonight is titled, "The Power of Angels?" Wow! I hadn't even put that together with the other angel signs. It was further validation when Pamela's guest even mentioned angel statues and feathers as signs from angels. I am so grateful to know that we all have a heavenly team of unconditional love, support and guidance.

Our special "Divine Memories" angel statue arrived this afternoon. We now have it as another memorial for our treasured son, Graham, who did so much work in our yard. Graham, we love and honor you in every breath we take.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Memorial Garden Butterfly Release

Yesterday afternoon the Northern Virginia Chapter of Bereaved Parents of the USA had it's 3rd Annual Butterfly Release at our chapter's lovely Memorial Garden. The garden grows more beautiful every year. It is a healing sanctuary filled with our treasured children's presence. Here I am releasing my butterfly at my son's memorial stone.
Here is a link to the Bereaved Parents of the USA.
You might be interested in seeing if there is a local chapter near you that holds monthly support meetings and special events during the year. Bereaved Parents of the USA has a national conference every summer. There is a free quarterly online newsletter available too.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

More Signs and Messages

I had another series of wonderful signs and messages today. I'd like to share some of the ways we can receive them.

This afternoon while my husband and I were out to do some errands I noticed a personalized license plate on a car in the lane next to ours. It read "R PATH" (our path) and was a butterfly license plate! This really struck me because I feel that my son in spirit and I share a path together, and the butterfly was certainly meaningful too. When we were driving a little later to a different store the beautiful song, "All Of Me," by John Legend played on our car radio. I love this song. Here it is on YouTube: It means so much to me. I just recently added it to my iTunes play list. As I was remarking on this to my husband he said, look what's on the back of the van in front of us. It said "Angel's"! When we went into the garden section of the store we were at I saw these yard stakes - a butterfly, a dragonfly, and a cardinal! What wonderful signs!

To top this all off when we returned home and I checked the mail I was very surprised to see there was a package for me. It was from a girlfriend of mine. It was a T-shirt with patriotic butterflies on it and patriotic heart shaped earrings with a lovely card. The 4th of July is a bittersweet day for me. That was the last holiday we had with our dear son. We had a lovely time with family and friends outdoors on our patio then, and the picture of Graham with this post is from that celebration. We never could have imagined that Graham would be gone two months later. I don't know if my girlfriend even knows this. She was living overseas when Graham passed. In her card she said," Happy 4th - can you guess - yes butterflies - Graham's always there with you!" Wow! I couldn't help but cry. Love is everything, and nothing else matters. Love to us all.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Sign Filled Afternoon

Signs and messages can come in so many different ways.
This afternoon my husband and I went out to run a few errands. Our first stop was to the grocery store for a couple of items. When we parked our car we noticed the personalized license plate on the car parked in front of us. It was a little unusual. It read, MY SOUL. We took a picture of it.
When we were checking out the cashier asked me if I wanted to purchase a scratch-off ticket for a dollar for children's cancer. I said okay, as it's something I usually do. As we were leaving the store I said to my husband, "Wouldn't it be nice if we ever did win any money from these tickets?" When we got in the car I scratched off the ticket and was so surprised to see that I had scratched off three fives, 555, meaning I had won $5.00. But I also knew that this was a message. Here is the meaning of 555 in Angel Numbers -
As we were driving to our next stop one of the most beautiful message songs from my dear son played on our car radio, "I Will Wait," by Mumford and Sons. I love this song! Here it is on YouTube -
A few minutes later I couldn't believe the personalized license plate I saw on a car in the lane next to us, NVR ENDS (Never Ends). This has so much personal significance. LOVE NEVER ENDS is what we had engraved on Graham's grave stone. It's also what is engraved on the back of the thumbprint necklace I always wear with Graham's thumbprint.
Be open, be aware. Trust and believe. Our loved ones in spirit are a living presence in a different form. They are still here. We can learn a new way to communicate when we learn the language of spirit. Love is the bridge. Love to us all.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2014 Memorial Day Confederate Cemetery Luminaria

My husband and I attended the Memorial Day luminaria ceremony at the Fredericksburg Confederate Cemetery last week. My family discovered just over a year ago that I have an ancestor who is buried here. All we ever knew was that he died somewhere in Virginia. He is my great-great-great grandfather who was from Georgia. When downloading some pictures this morning from the event we noticed the large orb on my husband's shoulder! I feel it is our dear son, Graham, sharing this occasion with us. I definitely felt his presence. Forever by our sides.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

A Mother's Day Message of Love

I had a wonderful sign/message today for Mother's Day from my dear angel boy, Graham.

Yesterday my husband and I drove to my parents' house to spend the Mother's Day weekend with them. I was up early this morning while everyone else was still in bed. I went into the sunroom and noticed a cross-stitched picture I had made for my mother around 25 years ago. It was on the floor leaning against a furniture piece. It has a lovely verse written for mothers. As I read the verse and noticed the butterflies my tears started to flow. I realized this was no coincidence. I knew it was a message of love and appreciation for Mother's Day from my son.

When my father woke up I asked him about the picture. He said that he found the picture in his storage area and thought they should find a place to hang it. He said it had been on the sunroom floor for a couple of weeks because they couldn't decide where to hang it. I know I was meant to see it today as a message from my son on this special day.

It is the greatest comfort to know that our relationships don't end with our loved ones in spirit. They are still with us. They show us this in many different ways. Love is always and forever.

The first picture is how I found it. The second picture is a close-up so you can read the beautiful verse. The third picture is my treasured son in this same sunroom in 2007. This picture was taken just about a month before Graham passed.
Mother's Day love and blessings to us all.

Friday, May 9, 2014

"A Mother's Tears" Is on the SPIRITED WOMAN Top 12 Mother's Day Book Pick List!

Blow the Spirited Woman trumpet! I am thrilled, excited, and delighted to announce our just released Spirited Woman Top 12 Mother's Day Pick List. Mother's Day is such a great time for inner-nurturing and gifting to mom and these authors are SO TALENTED. I urge you to support them! Find out more about their books on our website at, or go to this link: In the meantime, I want to personally salute these spirited authors for making the pick list: Zoe Dawson, Dawn Bournand, Ayn Cates Sullivan, Claire Ann Stevenson, Mary Dillin Shurtleff, Barbara McNally, Rose Gordon, Karen Keilt, Rosie Trakostanec, Linda Wolf, Jamila Thomas, Joi Johnson, Carol Scibelli

I was honored to have my book selected to be on this list.  I hope it will touch and comfort many grieving hearts.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Corinthians 13:13

The more I think about this the more I marvel.
Yesterday afternoon my husband and I were out running some errands. We stopped at a stoplight and this van was beside us. We waited several minutes for the light to change so we were able to take this picture. I have never seen a vehicle with this beautiful quote from Corinthians 13:13. " And now these three remain : faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love." Notice the butterflies too. We knew it was a message from our dear son, Graham. What are the odds of seeing something like this, much less have it be right next to you? I love the way spirit works!
We stopped at a Barnes and Noble after this and a few minutes after entering the store the song, "Love Don't Die," played!   I felt that validated the message of love we saw on the van.
"A thousand years go by, but love don't die"!

Saturday, May 3, 2014

A Sign From Graham

Here is an amazing story about a sign from my son to Monica Hofer, a bereaved mom and facebook friend of mine, and about signs I received the same day she related this to me.  She has written a book about her journey with losing her four year old son called, "Heal My Broken Heart" (available as an Amazon Kindle book - Heal My Broken Heart).  We sent each other our books and have messaged back and forth.  

Here is Monica's description of what happened:

It is my birthday and before I left home, I told you all I would watch for a sign from the angels or Jordi... Well, I was riding the bus in to work this morning as I do every day. Was reading a poem in Claire Ann Stevenson's book, "A Mother's Tears". The poem is entitled Unrelenting Grief, at p. 73 of her book. In the first stanza she writes, "After my son died, I just cried and cried, I didn't know what to do with myself, Or where I could turn for help." I said to myself, yes, I can relate to that... where do you turn for help? Suddenly, an angelic female voice cooed, "Graham". I was floored because Graham is Claire Ann Stevenson's son's name. I was getting off at the next stop which was being announced by an automatic recording that is triggered via satellite after you leave the previous stop. She said, "Graham (then a long pause) at Garry, Winnipeg Square." I was thrilled! And have told Claire about this gift I received today, from her son, Graham. 

Also, I told Claire, maybe Jordi (my son who passed on) will bring her a gift today and that she should watch for a penny, bugs, birds or butterflies. She said she did see 2 cardinals earlier today! A chapter in my book is entitled "The Cardinal" and tells of how I watch for my one cardinal every Christmas. She received two today, on my birthday. I think that's a beautiful message that our children are together on the other side!
As a postscript, I (Claire Ann) want to add that at the same time I saw the two cardinals fly in front of my car, the old song "Everlasting Love" started playing on the car radio!  Everlasting Love (YouTube)  What a perfect song.  I feel that what happened to Monica and me are such wonderful examples of how we are all connected, here and on the other side.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Special Pen

I was in a Things Remembered store a few days ago.  I had been looking for a pen because I lost the one I had carried in my purse.  I found and bought a special blue pen there.  It is unique because it has three different lovely charms you can interchange with it.  I like it because one charm is a heart and one says "MOM".  The pen can also be engraved.  I had "LOVE NEVER ENDS" engraved on it.  Those words are on Graham's grave stone and on the back of Graham's thumbprint necklace I always wear.  Here is a link to Things Remembered with information for this pen and a picture of the one I bought.  Things Remembered pens

Saturday, April 12, 2014

From Here to the Moon and Back

I was in Hobby Lobby the other day with a girlfriend.  I happened to see this wonderful heart plaque with a phrase that has so much meaning to many who have lost a loved one.  I had my girlfriend take a picture of me with it.  Another great message!  Enjoy this beautiful song by Dolly Parton, "From Here to the Moon and Back."

Counting Stars

I heard some parts of a song playing in a store I was shopping in a few days ago.  I felt the song was significant.  The only line I remembered from the song was "counting stars," so I did a Google search trying to see if I could find the song.  I somehow found it!   I am sitting here in tears as I listen.  I believe my dear angel boy, Graham, led me to find this beautiful song.  It speaks to my heart.   I am sure it will speak to yours too.  Love to all.
"Counting Stars" by Augustana (YouTube)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Birthday Gift From Beyond

Graham - Shining In God's Holy Grace
A year and a half ago I met a man who works with stained glass as a part time hobby. He had some pretty sun catchers for sale in a local shop. I asked him if he had ever done anything with a face or a figure. I was thinking that it would be wonderful to have something special made with my son's image on it. I came up with the idea of a fireplace screen to have in our family room. He had never done anything on this large of a scale, but said that he would welcome the challenge. We exchanged ideas, photos, designs, and thoughts over several months and decided to go forward with this very special project. Darryl didn't know how long this would take him. It was new territory. My husband and I told him that time wasn't an issue. A couple of months ago Darryl had completed the stained glass portion. The next step was for the piece to go to a woodworking shop where a cherry frame and stand would be made for it. That ended up taking much longer than was thought.
A few weeks ago I said to my husband that I thought that we were meant to get the fireplace screen on our son's birthday, which is March 30. Last Saturday night I received an email from Darryl saying the screen was done and asking what weekend would be good for us to get it! I just sat there and cried because that meant we could have the screen on Graham's birthday. I know that Graham was the one who orchestrated the timing. Darryl didn't even know when Graham's birthday was. It is all miraculous to me. Darryl and his wife delivered the screen yesterday and were a part of the celebration on many levels for Graham's birthday weekend. We think the screen is extraordinary. Darryl feels that he had help from my son all along as he worked on this amazing piece. Graham was a very talented artist and graphic designer. What a blessed birthday gift. LOVE is everything.

Here is Darryl's email address for anyone interested in having a stained glass piece made -