Saturday, February 28, 2015

This Is Not A Pipe - A sign from my son.

This is one of the more amazing signs from my son.  He was a Graphic Design major in college.  One of his assignments was to create a handmade book illustrating a story with photographs.  Graham chose to make a book with photos that he took of his good friend who was a pipe smoker.  Graham showed the start to finish process of his friend preparing and smoking a pipe.  For the cover photo of his book he chose an iconic image in Art circles, Rene' Magritte's image of a pipe with the words "Ceci n'est pas une pipe".  The translation is, "This is not a pipe." 

A few days ago a friend recommended we watch the movie, "The Fault In Our Stars."  My husband and I watched it last night on one of the cable movie channels on TV.  This movie is about two teenagers that have cancer.  I don't think I would have watched it if she hadn't recommended it.  It turned out to be a very good movie with a lot of food for thought. 

About three quarters of the way through the movie my husband and I looked at each other in surprised amazement.  In one of the scenes the lead actress is wearing a T-shirt with the Rene' Magritte pipe and caption!  The first picture above is from the movie, and the second is the cover of Graham's project.  

I am continually awed by the ways our loved ones in spirit manage to bring us their signs and messages.  There is no power stronger than love.  Believe in the magic of love. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ascending Butterfly Scarf

Yesterday I received a gift in the mail.  It was a lovely butterfly scarf from a special friend, Cindy Adkins.  A prayer card accompanied the scarf.  The prayer was beautiful.  It says, "As my loved one's soul ascended toward heaven, it did not erase the strong bond between us. Lord, I thank you for that connection and wear this scarf in remembrance of them.  Amen."  Cindy has a wonderful Facebook page called Angels At My Door, at  It is an inspirational and comforting page for the grieving.
After reading the prayer card I placed the scarf around my neck.  I was standing in my kitchen with tears streaming down my face.  It was a very emotional moment.  I could feel my son's presence.  I was listening to iTunes on my computer and at this same time I heard the song Silent Lucidity by Queensryche play.  It's one of a 120 songs that I have on an iTunes play list of songs for my son.  I knew for that particular song to play at that exact moment was not coincidental.  Today I looked up the lyrics and was once again in tears, this time of amazement.  Some of the lines from this song that speak to my heart are, "I will be watching over you, I am going to  see you through," and "If you open your eyes for me, you won't rely on open eyes to see."  What a powerful message from my son!  The prayer and the song are about connection.

Thank you, Graham, my sweet boy.  I love you more than I can say.  My eyes are open for you. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Divine Synchronicities

Yesterday morning I was standing at my stove starting to cook my breakfast.  I turned on the light above the range top (the picture shows the light).  Occasionally this light has gone off and then come back on a few minutes later.  I have wondered if this could be my son or just something with the light.  This morning the light did something that it has never done before.  The light went off, came back on, went out, and came back on, all within a few seconds.  I immediately felt that it was my son saying good morning.  I then had the thought that this was like Morse Code and wondered if it could be another way of communicating across dimensions.  I knew that could be done by sound or light. One thing led to another.  Later during the day I remembered a movie we had seen some years back that involved communication from passed loved ones using Morse Code. 

When I mentioned all this to my husband after he got home from work he said we had that movie on DVD.  I had forgotten about the DVD.  It is called "A Rumor Of Angels."  Watch the video short of this movie that is on this link -  It's a remarkable movie.   We watched the end of this movie that night because I was sure this was all a message.  In the credits at the end we noticed something we didn't see before.  This movie was based on a book by a mother who lost a son in the First World War.  It is about how she and her son communicated by using Morse Code after he passed!  We found the book and have ordered it; it's available from at  I am blown away.  At the end of the movie the message the woman gives the young boy is - "Don't grieve. Grief is remorse for things undone.  I'm closer to you now than I've ever been.  The ties of love continue.  I'll always be with you.  Speak with me as if you could see my face." My tears were flowing at that point.  I find it interesting too that I posted my "Always and Forever" poem yesterday to the Signs From Our Loved Ones Facebook group.  Love truly does transcend space and time. Follow the trails our loved ones give us. 

Tonight, when my husband was driving home from his commuter train station, he had SiriusXM radio on, and switched to the "40's on 4" channel. After a song played the announcer came on and said to contact them by sending an email, or to use their favorite means of communication, Morse Code. This was followed by a short clip of the sounds of Morse Code.   He was so surprised to hear this after all the Morse Code connections we experienced yesterday.  This is divine synchronicity.  We know that was our son, Graham.  God bless us all and our loved ones in spirit.

Friday, February 20, 2015

A Spirit-FIlled Moment

Yesterday I went to visit a dear friend who works in a jewelry store.  I bought an "Endless Love" bracelet and three charms there a couple of months ago as a memorial bracelet for my son.  While I was there I decided to look at the charms to see if there were any others that I might like to add to the bracelet.  

I was looking at a star charm that had a small blue stone in it.  I told the salesperson that I liked this because I thought it was the birthstone for my son who was born in March.  She said yes, an aquamarine is the birthstone for March.  She then asked me when my son's birthday was and I replied March 30th.  She looked at me in surprise and said that was her birthday too! 

I then told her that the star was also special for me because of a poem that my friend wrote for me after my son passed.  The first line in the poem is, "He was a bright and shining star."  I had the tray ceiling in my bedroom painted as the night sky after my son passed.  It has a full moon and stars and a shooting star in it.  She then looked at me and said, "I have a shooting star tattoo on my leg!"  She had goosebumps.  By this time my tears were flowing and she was teary eyed too.  I told her that she was my sign from Graham today.  We hugged each other and knew that what had just happened was a very special spirit-filled moment.  Graham always finds ways to let me know that he is with me.  Our loved ones in spirit are alive and well and continue to be a part of our lives.  They want us to know this.  Love never dies.  Thank you, Graham, my sweet boy.  Every charm brings a loving thought of you.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Stuck Like Glue

Last year around this time I posted this to the Facebook group Signs From Our Loved Ones.  I later went back to the store and bought the Stuck On You stuffed porcupine (the first picture with this post).

Tuesday, January 21, 2014
Stuck On You
A week or two ago I posted this great song, "Stuck Like Glue," by Sugarland. I felt that it was a message from my dear son in spirit, Graham.  Yesterday this card was in my mailbox.  I couldn't believe it.  The one stuffed animal has a heart that says, STUCK ON YOU!  There are so many ways that we can receive signs and messages from our loved ones.  Love never ends.  It is such a comfort understanding this.

That was almost exactly a year ago.  Three days ago I had a message from my son through a friend who is a medium.  She said she heard my son say, "I love you mom," and the words, "I'm stuck on you," so she looked up these words and discovered two different artists that have a song with a name similar to "stuck on you".   Sugarland's "Stuck Like Glue" is one of these.  She asked me if this song meant anything to me.  Of course I knew exactly what she was talking about.  A day or so later I stopped by my local Hallmark store to buy a few cards.  I smiled when I saw there were different Stuck On You porcupines this year for Valentine's Day. (the second picture).   I picked one up to look more closely and noticed these ones were musical.  Guess what song they play?  A parody of the song "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarland! What beautiful Valentine messages of love again from my darling angel boy.  I thought I would go back and buy this porcupine too!   Love is always and forever. 

I went back to the Hallmark store today to buy this porcupine and was surprised even further.  It turns out this is not only musical.  It also spins to the music.  I couldn't believe it when I heard these words in the song:  "I love you!"  They are not in the original lyrics.  A Valentine message across dimensions.   Enjoy this cute little video. :)

Monday, January 19, 2015

We'll Meet Again

The day after my son passed my husband drove to my son's college town to find his car.  My husband found that the CD in the CD player in my son's car was Johnny Cash's "American IV:  The Man Comes Around."

One of the songs on this great CD is a cover of a World War II British song, "We'll Meet Again."  I had never heard this song until I listened to my son's Johnny Cash CD.

My husband and my daughter worked for several days recording a compilation of Graham's most played music from his iTunes play list. They ended up with six CD's.  Graham had very eclectic tastes in music. There was jazz, blues, alternative, classical, rock, American roots, country, etc. After Graham's funeral service many people came over to our house.  We had Graham's music playing in the background. The music was all random. As people were leaving we were standing with some of his closest friends, who were the last to leave.  It had gotten quiet as we said our goodbyes, when all of a sudden the song, "We'll Meet Again," by Johnny Cash started playing.  My dad said the hair on his arms stood up!  The perfect song at the perfect moment.  It was amazing.  There was no doubt that was from Graham.

Until today I had never heard this song play anywhere except when we played it at home.  This afternoon my husband and I were in a bookstore before going to a movie.  As I was standing in the store "We'll Meet Again" started playing on the background music in the store!  It was a woman singing, and we didn't recognize who had done the recording.  My husband and I were so surprised.  I stood there with a full heart thanking Graham for his wonderful message to us.

While we were at the movie theater waiting for the movie to start my husband did a search on his phone to find out who else has covered this song.  One of the groups was "She and Him."  We wondered if that could have been who we heard singing this in the bookstore.

When the movie was over we went to Starbucks.  While we were waiting to order our drinks we noticed the CD's at the counter.  One of them was a "She and Him" album.  We wouldn't have looked at the CD except that my husband had found that She and Him had done a cover of "We'll Meet Again."  We looked to see what songs were on the CD, and one of the songs was "We'll Meet Again"!  We bought the CD and listened to it.  It's the same song and artist that was playing in the bookstore!

Our passed loved ones are a living presence in a different form.  They tell us in so many ways they are still here, and that we'll meet again.  Bless us all and our dear loved ones in spirit.  LOVE NEVER ENDS.  

Here are the Johnny Cash and She and Him covers of "We'll Meet Again."

Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Childhood Memory

The day after Christmas my husband and I went to a Children's Museum with our daughter, son-in-law, and little granddaughter. There were two floors of wonderful exhibits and themed rooms with educational things for children to do.  When my children were little, at Christmas we all enjoyed watching the delightful Muppet movie, Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas.  My 22 year old angel boy, Graham, even had the DVD of this movie.  One of the displays at the museum reminded me of this movie - it brought tears to my eyes. There were also some little animals toasting marshmallows.  That was something that Graham liked to do too.   I felt this animated woodland scene that was so like this movie was a way for Graham to let us know that he was with us enjoying this special time.  Love and family is forever.

Here is the movie on You Tube -
Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

A Memorial Ornament Idea

The picture above shows our Christmas decorations; we added the angel next to our Christmas tree this year.  The picture on the right shows a very special ornament that a friend helped me make.  I had mentioned to her my idea about using some of my feathers from my heavenly feather collection I have from my son for an ornament.  She told me she had a glass bulb she could give me and suggested adding artificial snow and iridescent glitter to it along with the feathers.  I also wanted to add something written. I found a sheet of words at a Craft store that had some words that were perfect.  I added the words, "Always & Forever", with the sparkly red ribbon.  That's also the title of one of my poems.  Thank you, Betsy, for your love and compassion and help in the creation of this lovely ornament that helps to keep Graham close at Christmas.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

2014 Annual Service of Remembrance


The northern Virginia chapter of The Bereaved Parents of the USA had their lovely candle lighting service in honor of our beloved children last night.  I read a couple of my poems for this special service.  Our precious children, forever loved and remembered. 

Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Language of Spirit

A couple of weeks ago I was the guest on this special show.  We discussed a topic dear to my heart, the language of spirit.  Tune in to listen to the different ways our loved ones in spirit communicate with us.
Click on this link to listen to the show - "The Language of Spirit" with Pamela Marie Edmunds on her Bridge Between Two Worlds Internet radio show

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Memorial Glass Candle Holder

This special glass candle holder that I ordered arrived today. It has the words, "tonight I hold this candle in memory of you" on one side and Graham's name on the other. These words are from a beautiful song that Alan Pedersen wrote in loving memory of his daughter, Ashley. "Tonight I Hold this Candle" - This song is now played in December in candle lighting memorial services all over the world.
Here is a link to the candle holder if you would like to order one -…/beautiful-personalized-candle….
God bless all who are missing loved ones this holiday season.

Friday, November 21, 2014

Little Signs

There are so many little ways that our loved ones in spirit give us signs.  We just need to learn to recognize them.  This morning when I was driving the song, "Gone, Gone, Gone" by Phillip Phillips came on my car radio.  I have that song on my iTunes play list for my angel boy, Graham.  I love the lines, "I'll love you long after you're gone," and "Like a drum, my heart never stops beating for you."  As I was thinking about this I noticed a decal on the back of a car that passed by me.  It was for a school with a Ram as its mascot.  My son was an Aries, the sign of the Ram.  I felt this validated that the song was a message from him. 

When I got back in my car after shopping I glanced at the car parked next to me.  There was a feathered dream catcher hanging from their rear view mirror!  What a great way to receive a feather sign.  We are never truly alone.  Watch for the signs.  Love is always and forever. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Blessed Encounter

This is an example to me of how I am learning that nothing is ever truly random. My husband and I decided to go to a local fall home and craft expo this afternoon. One of the craft booths had small matted pictures with names. I stopped to look to see if there was one with my granddaughter's name. These pictures also have the meaning of the name, where it is derived from, personality traits, and real pressed flowers. 

As I was looking through the names I asked the man selling them if he had any with the name of my son, Graham. It's not a common name here and hard to find anything with that name. He said he did! There were two to choose from. I was attracted to the one with the red flower. The personality traits were even very accurate. I then explained to him that Graham was my son and that he had passed. He pointed out to me that the blue flower in the picture is a forget-me-not! It brought tears to my eyes. He had tears too. 

As we spoke a little more he shared with me that he had a wife that passed all of a sudden when she was 37 years old. I gave him my card with info on my blog and book and told him about the wonderful Facebook group that I work with, Signs From Our Loved Ones. He said how he and his son smell his wife's perfume sometimes and know it is her. He was happy to learn about our special group. We hugged and parted knowing that none of this was coincidental. What a blessed gift from spirit. Here is the web site for these special name pictures.