Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Signs of Love

Communication doesn't stop,
When you have a loss,
It's not the same as living here,
But there are signs strong and clear.

Look around and be alert,
There is comfort for our hurt,
Our loved ones want us to know,
They didn't totally go.

Their form has changed,
But their love remains,
And they want us to know,
So there are signs they show.

A television that un-mutes itself,
A plate turned sideways on the shelf,
Flickering lights and mysterious telephone rings,
Are some of their favorite things.

 Tangible signs of continuity and love,
Proof that we are still thought of,
Wanting us to not feel so alone,
They make their presence known.

I am grateful for every sign,
And thank my loved one each time,
For the reminders of the love we knew,
And the healing I am being guided through.

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