Thursday, February 21, 2013

Heart Song painting

Two weeks ago my husband and I were visiting my daughter and her family over the weekend. One morning I had driven over to the nearest grocery store for a couple of items. When I stepped out of the grocery store door I found a penny at my feet. I smiled and picked it up. When I was driving back to my daughter's house I noticed a license plate on a car in front of me. I was behind this car all the way into my daughter's neighborhood. The license plate read AMZNGC (Amazing Grace). The timing of this and the message was so significant for me.

For the past three art classes I've gone to this month I've been working on something that turned out to be very challenging. I've been working on an image transfer of my son. I printed out a black and white photograph of my son onto art paper. The problem was that not all of the image transferred when I peeled the paper away. I don't have any art training and I had to draw and paint in so much of Graham's face. I wasn't sure if I'd ever get it right. I couldn't have without my art teacher's help. I decided to use some lines from a very special poem of mine, "Heart-Song," for the border with some musical phrases from "Amazing Grace." I also added some eternity spirals and a feather! I was able to finish it yesterday. I am happy with the painting now. It's different with the blue and sparkling gold highlights. Grace has come to have profound meaning for me. I sign my artwork as Gracs. That is combining the first three letters of my son's name with the initials of my name. I feel that Graham is guiding me on this new journey. You can see why I was so amazed to see this license plate.


The haunting strains,
Of love’s sweet refrain,
Softly play,
Throughout my days.

Beautiful notes of memories past,
Music that will forever last,
Up and down the distant chords,
Remind me of times adored.

No matter the tune that I now hear,
In the background your song is clear,
Gently fingering my heartstrings,
Songs of love and remembering.

Beautiful melodies intertwining,
With love and joy realigning,
Two hearts that beat as one,
In harmony with my beloved son.

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Anonymous said...

absolutely beautiful, claire. And I love the surrounding framing. What a wonderful tribute to a wonderful young man!

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