Friday, January 10, 2014

Signs, Messages, and Synchronicities

Yesterday morning I was awakened by the sound of a loud internal bell, like a doorbell.  I looked at the clock to see what time it was.  It was 5:50.  In angel numbers the number 550 means, "The major changes that you're experiencing are Divinely guided.  God is helping you through this time of change with love, light, and blessings."

A little later I was using my Doreen Virtue angel oracle card deck, "Angel Dreams."  I often draw a single card from an oracle card deck after asking for guidance for the day.  This deck has 55 cards in it.  As I was shuffling the cards a single card fell out.  I was delighted when I turned the card over to see that it was "Passed Over Loved Ones"!  The message of that card is, "Loved ones in heaven are offering you comfort, guidance, and support.  They are sending you messages of love and light."

A few hours later while I was driving home from my yoga class the song "Stairway to Heaven" came on the car radio.  I have that song on my iTunes play list.  I was wondering if that was a message.  When I arrived home I was checking my facebook and saw a poem that a friend of mine had posted.  The first line of the poem was, "They say there's a stairway to heaven!"  I felt that definitely validated the song was a message.

I went to the mall in the afternoon.  One of my stops was a card store.  I was looking at the Valentine card display.  I decided I would buy a card for my angel boy for Valentine's Day.  I was looking at one for my son.  The front read, "Son, my heart holds you close."  Inside it says, "On Valentine's Day, know my love is with you wherever you go, whatever you do."  I then started hearing the words to the song that was playing in the store.  The song was "Stuck Like Glue" by Sugarlands!  I googled the song when I returned home.  Listen to the lyrics.  Here is the link to this fun song-  I believe my dear Graham was giving me another message. 

On my drive home a favorite message song of mine came on the radio.  It was "I Will Wait," by Mumford and Sons! 

Our loved ones in spirit are still with us.  We don't leave them behind.  They walk beside us.  They show us in many different ways of their continuing love and presence.  What a comfort this is.  Love is always and forever.

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