Monday, April 5, 2010

Phoenix Rising

I have two choices,
To stay crippled from a killing blow,
Or to fight for the strength I didn’t know,
To rise up from the ashes and be happy again,
Or merely exist until my life ends.

Like the Phoenix I want to rise,
My son doesn’t want to see me cry,
I will not allow his death to be in vain,
In his life and love so much was gained.

I love you more than my heart can hold,
My love pours and overflows,
It is in love that we reunite,
Just beyond earthly sight.

The Phoenix is a symbol of recovery to see,
Especially after great calamity,
Rising from destruction in plumage of scarlet and gold,
Once more magnificent to behold.

Fire destroys but also rebuilds,
From the depths to new heights to fulfill,
I want to heal like the Phoenix bird,
A beautiful immortal soul in this world.

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