Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Amazing Communication

I am posting an email, with River's permission, to share the amazing after-death communication that she received from my son!  I met River at the Bereaved Parents national conference last month.  She was one of the authors and workshop presenters.  River has written the most beautiful, profound little book. It is called, "Morgan's List."   She wrote it for her 7 year old niece who was dying from cancer.  I highly recommend it to everyone.  It is also a story of the individual lists that we create to learn from in this lifetime.   I cry every time I read it.  I was so comforted by this email, and hope that you will be too.  I knew as soon as I read it that she had received a message from Graham - he loves to communicate through electricity, letting us all know that he is still here.   I love the messages and signs that our loved ones give to let us know they are always with us.  Here is her email:

Hi Claire Ann,
Thank you for sending the photo. It came out really nice! And thank you so much for giving me a copy of your book! I read it on the plane ride home. I cried many times in the beauty of it. The poems are beautiful. There is a sweetness and purity to them. Just lovely.

I was sharing the book and the story of your son to friends this weekend that were visiting from out of town. It was late at night, and just when I got to the part about the poems being divinely inspired, and sent from your son, the walkie-talkie that the children had been playing with that afternoon started ringing in the kitchen!!! It rang like it does when the other unit is calling (the other unit was OFF), and then there was lots of static and a broken up voice echoing in my kitchen! My friends were immediately panicked...I got chills and started laughing in delight! Spirit can be in a jillion places at once, so.......perhaps your son goes where your book goes, and he was just saying hello!

Hope things are well with you. Thank you for adding my book to your blog site. It can be ordered through my website

Take care.

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