Thursday, August 4, 2011

Doves of Hope

     The Bereaved Parents USA National Gathering was this past weekend in Reston,Virginia.  The last morning we followed a bagpiper outdoors for a dove release. It was beautiful to see the doves in flight.  I was thinking about what doves represent and wrote this poem.  My husband took this picture at the dove release.
A dule of lovely snow white doves,
Soaring in the sky above,
Released in honor of our daughters and sons,
Who now reside in Heaven.

Messengers of joy, love, and peace,
Help us find the comfort we seek,
Symbols of triumph of life over death,
A hope we believe until our last breath.

As we watch the doves in flight,
Although tears may blur our sight,
We send our love and gratitude,
To our children beyond a sky of blue.

Fly doves, above the clouds on high,
Our love for our children will never die,
We celebrate their love and life,
Until the day we reunite.

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