Monday, February 6, 2012

Always and Forever message of love

I had the most wonderful messages from my son, Graham, today! I am always amazed and grateful how our loved ones in spirit manage to get their messages across to us. I was at the mall. I entered the Hallmark store with the intention of buying a card. As I was walking to the card section I somehow noticed a mug. The mug caught my eye because it was white with the word Always written in red with a red heart beside it. I kept looking at it because the word Always is very significant to me. I have a personalized license plate on my car that says Always. I picked the mug up and was further surprised when I saw the inside of the mug was red with the word Forever written in white with a white heart beside it! As I was wondering about this I then realized the song playing in the store was "Somewhere Over the Rainbow!" I just started crying. There was no doubt that it was Graham letting me know that our love keeps us connected forever. It was so special with Valentine's Day around the corner. I feel another poem in the works. It will be called, "Always and Forever." Valentine love to us all and to our loved ones on the other side!

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