Friday, February 10, 2012

Always and Forever

     I had a feeling that my always and forever message I felt I received from Graham a few days ago (see post immediately below) would turn into a poem.  I am pleased to say it did!  Here is the poem with a picture of Graham and me taken on Mother's Day in 2006. 

 Imagine me as just around the corner,
Or in the room next door,
For I am here beside you,
Look for me no more.

You feel as if I have gone,
And in the physical sense this is true,
My body is no longer here,
But I am still with you.

You can feel me with each heartbeat,
And picture me in your mind,
Your thoughts bring me to you,
I can be with you at any time.

Do not hesitate to speak to me,
I hear everything you say,
We can still have conversations,
Every single day.

Hear me as I whisper,
Softly in your ears,
Love is always and forever,
Cry for me no tears.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Claire,
As am reading "Angel Miracles" by Cindy Adkins I come upon a page titled "Always and Forever" which is tellng about you walking into the card shop and noticing the mug with the word ALWAYS on it; this kind of blew me for a loop because I knew I was going to turn the page and see "FOREVER" on it, I usually post to my son's memory page with the words "FOREVER & ALWAYS". Then I see your poem and then I was blown away because I felt my son was telling me he wanted me to know he was sending it to me via you. God Bless you Claire, and all of us on this journey. My name is Barb and I lost my son Josh 7/21/13 in a motorcycle accident.

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