Friday, March 23, 2012

Love to You in Heaven

Peace to you my darling,
And love and joy and light,
May everything you experience in Heaven,
Bring you pleasure and delight.

I blow you loving kisses,
Imagining them with wings,
I see you smiling as you receive them,
With all the love they bring.

All I ever wanted,
As your mother while you were here,
Was for you to be happy,
As you grew from year to year.

Heaven is not where I imagined,
That you would now be,
I thought you would remain on earth,
Sharing your life with me.

Thoughts and dreams and lifetime plans,
Are more fragile than we know,
In a moment our dearest wishes,
May vanish like melting snow.

Living here is what is difficult,
I know that you are fine,
Thank you for the precious gift,
For the time that you were mine.

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Robin Cesario said...

oh this is divine the only words I can use I Love you and thank you tremendously I am so heartbroken I never in a million years thought I would lose not one but two of my beautiful sons,I love you'

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