Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Never Far Away

My husband and I decided to go out for dinner tonight.  We went to a local restaurant where we  enjoyed a very good meal.   My husband commented that he thought the atmosphere was pleasant, and  that the music the restaurant was playing wasn't too loud or annoying like music can be at some restaurants.  I agreed and focused more on the song that was playing as he said this.  I kept hearing the line, never far away.  I didn't recognize this song.  When we returned home we were able to find this song on youtube.  I was amazed and delighted with this meaningful song as I listened and read the lyrics.  Graham's birthday is in a few days.  I believe this song was a message of love he wanted his mom and dad to hear at a particularly bittersweet time of the year. Thank you, Graham.  You always let us know that you are never far away. 

My son's birthday would have been three days from when I originally posted this last night.  I'm adding this edit because I believe that Graham wanted to give his mom and dad this message of love at this particularly bittersweet time of year.  I went to bed last night with this thought in mind.  At 1:23 AM this morning my husband and I were awakened with 4 doorbell rings from our motion activated alarm in the basement!  The alarm bells have gone off at different times since Graham died, often around significant dates. When it first happened we were frightened that someone was in our basement.  Now we know that it is Graham letting his presence be known.  I think that Graham wanted to make doubly sure that we received his message.

"Never Far Away" by Rush of Fools:

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