Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Birthday Gift From Beyond

Graham - Shining In God's Holy Grace
A year and a half ago I met a man who works with stained glass as a part time hobby. He had some pretty sun catchers for sale in a local shop. I asked him if he had ever done anything with a face or a figure. I was thinking that it would be wonderful to have something special made with my son's image on it. I came up with the idea of a fireplace screen to have in our family room. He had never done anything on this large of a scale, but said that he would welcome the challenge. We exchanged ideas, photos, designs, and thoughts over several months and decided to go forward with this very special project. Darryl didn't know how long this would take him. It was new territory. My husband and I told him that time wasn't an issue. A couple of months ago Darryl had completed the stained glass portion. The next step was for the piece to go to a woodworking shop where a cherry frame and stand would be made for it. That ended up taking much longer than was thought.
A few weeks ago I said to my husband that I thought that we were meant to get the fireplace screen on our son's birthday, which is March 30. Last Saturday night I received an email from Darryl saying the screen was done and asking what weekend would be good for us to get it! I just sat there and cried because that meant we could have the screen on Graham's birthday. I know that Graham was the one who orchestrated the timing. Darryl didn't even know when Graham's birthday was. It is all miraculous to me. Darryl and his wife delivered the screen yesterday and were a part of the celebration on many levels for Graham's birthday weekend. We think the screen is extraordinary. Darryl feels that he had help from my son all along as he worked on this amazing piece. Graham was a very talented artist and graphic designer. What a blessed birthday gift. LOVE is everything.

Here is Darryl's email address for anyone interested in having a stained glass piece made -


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