Friday, October 18, 2013

Love my ma

I spent a lovely day with a long time friend today. She has been living overseas for the past ten years and was back in the states for a few days. We have known each other since my son was a few months old. My dear son passed tragically six years ago at the age of twenty two. She has been a wonderful support and comfort. We talked a lot about my son, Graham, and signs and messages.  We also talked about the special facebook group I am an administrator with, Signs From Our Loved Ones, while we were having lunch. After lunch when we were in my car getting ready to leave I noticed the license plate on the car parked in front of mine had a butterfly on it. I commented on that and then my friend said, and do you see what the license plate says? I couldn't believe it. "LVMYMA" - Love my ma! I took a picture of it. It was so wonderful. I love you too, Graham, my precious son! Remember to look at license plates. They are another great way to receive messages from our loved ones.

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