Monday, October 28, 2013

The Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium) Experience In Person

I had a wonderful spirit-filled evening last night seeing Theresa Caputo live (this picture is from before the show; pictures weren't allowed during the show).  If you have watched her TV show, Long Island Medium, you know that Theresa is very entertaining as well as gifted.  She sparkled on stage with her glittery outfit and amazing shoes!  What great work and service she is doing in being able to validate that our loved ones are still with us, they can communicate with us, and that physical death doesn't end our continued life in spirit.

Here's a picture we got of her husband, Larry, with fans before the show.  It looks like there are some orbs in the upper right of the picture.  Hardly a surprise with the huge number of loved ones in spirit that were present!   I didn't have a message, but that was okay.  That is not why I went.  I feel Graham with me always. I know he was enjoying the show too. 

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