Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Day

     This is a picture taken on Mother's Day 2007.  My husband, daughter, son, and I  met my parents and two of my brothers and their families for a lovely Mother's Day brunch.  My son  died four months later.  We didn't get together in 2008 for Mother's Day, but we did last year in 2009.  I wrote this poem last year a few days before the family gathered again.

I woke up feeling sad today,
I know it’s because of Mother’s Day,
Two years ago you were here,
Sharing the day with family near.

We have beautiful pictures of you and me,
Mother and son, we were so happy,
How proud I was of you,
My handsome son of twenty-two.

I thought that we had forever,
But as the family gathers together,
There will be an empty space,
That no one can ever replace.

I wish with all my heart,
That we were not apart,
I want to see you physically,
To laugh and talk and be with me.

I miss you more than one could know,
And every day I strive to show,
That though our years were far too few,

I was so blessed to be the mother of you.

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