Saturday, May 8, 2010


Poets through the ages have tried to express,
The unconditional love that mothers show best,
Searching for words that capture the emotion,
Of a mother’s endless care and devotion.

Their nature is to nurture, to love and protect,
A mother could never do any less,
It is their love that provides the stepping stone,
For their children to launch and come into their own.

Their wisdom and guidance will never steer you wrong,
Children are a mother’s heart song,
Selfless and dedicated to their families,
Beautiful models of what to be.

A wonderful mother is one of life’s greatest gifts,
Her presence never fails to uplift,
No human is perfect, but mothers come close,
That is why children love them the most.

I think this is part of God’s design,
Because life has many difficult times,
Mothers help us to not feel alone,
And provide comfort and security in the unknown.

Thank you for the blessing of mothers,
For their love is like no other,
Value all moments and treasure,
A love that has no measure. 

     I'm thankful every day for the blessing my mother has been in my life.

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Loraine Ritchey said...

Hi I thought of on Mother's Day I managed to get through until all was quiet in the evening then the explosion of grief and tears and missing and anger errupted from my heart . The incessent flow continued all day yesterday - never knowing what would trigger....from one who understands to another who also understands Loraine

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