Monday, May 17, 2010

Winged Messengers

Dragonflies, butterflies, hummingbirds and crows,
Through many winged things you help us to know,
That you are still here with us,
And that we must,
See life in a deeper way,
To be able to recognize the signs that say,
I love you mother, I love you dad,
I don't want you to be so sad.

I surround you with my love and care,
Look and be aware,
My body died, but that wasn't me,
I am still here for you to see,
I want you to heal and to feel,
The connection that will always be,
Between you and me.

I am trying my best,
So that you might rest,
And understand, this is part of a divine plan,
To come to know that it was my time to go,
That each of us gains a rest,
When we pass our life's tests.

I am waiting for you until your work is done,
When we'll be together again as one,
Until that time I watch and guide,
With love, from the other side.

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