Saturday, May 1, 2010

Unintentional Hurt

It’s almost unbearable to have your child pass away,
It’s excruciating to get through each day,
When so much reason for living is gone,
It’s all we can do just to hold on.

Well meaning relatives and friends,
Often times unknowingly offend,
With things that they say or don’t do,
With insensitivity dealing with you.

Just under the surface always are tears,
We never know when they’ll appear,
It’s alright for us to cry,
Or if others don’t understand why.

People are uncomfortable thinking about our walk,
So they don’t want to have any talk,
Not realizing acting as if our child didn’t exist,
Is like having our heart hit by a fist.

Without experiencing a child’s loss yourself,
Most people don’t know how to help,
They think we should go on as before,
Our children walked through Heaven’s door.

They question our focus on our departed ones,
Because they have no comprehension,
Of how our world has profoundly changed,
And that we can never be the same.

For the rest of our lives we will live with sorrow,
For the loss of our children and the dreams of tomorrow,
We want to keep their memory alive,
It’s what helps us to survive.

People need to learn to be more forgiving,
There’s no less love for the living,
Love is not finite, it goes on forever,
And as parents we will always remember.

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