Monday, May 31, 2010


Sorrow has become a second skin,
I am learning to find acceptance within,
A new layer, an added depth,
Bound by the tears that I’ve wept.

Unfathomable, the tragic cost,
When your beloved child is lost,
Your heart literally aches,
Torn apart in heartbreak.

Other losses compound this pain,
So many things in my life have changed,
The hopes and dreams I thought would be,
Are gone or laced with uncertainty.

We were almost living a fairy tale,
A beautiful family where all went well,
Our future looked positive and bright,
Filled with happiness and light.

I am a mother with a broken smile,
Who held my children’s hands for awhile,
One child has died, the other is on her own,
I never thought to be this alone.

Losses make you much more aware,
That everyone has crosses to bear,
I pray daily for God’s healing embrace,
Supported in heavenly love and grace.

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