Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Birthday Signs

Graham, my son in spirit, had a Mazda Miata that he loved.  A couple of days ago my husband said he followed a Mazda Miata in a parking lot.  He was going to buy me a card and present for my birthday.   The car dealership name on the car was the same as our last name - Stevenson.  My husband said he felt like Graham was accompanying him while he was doing this birthday shopping for me. 

Yesterday was my birthday.  I stopped by a store where a friend of mine works.  She wanted me to come by because she had a birthday gift she wanted to give me.  As I was walking to the store I saw a Mazda Miata with pop-up lights like the model my son drove parked in front of the store. Our sweet boy wanted us to know that he is still here and celebrating my birthday too.  What comfort on a bittersweet day.   Love is always and forever.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Tiny Feather Pick-Me-Up

The weather was beautiful today.  My husband and I decided to go to a garden center this afternoon to look at the flowers.  I was looking at a very pretty pot of red geraniums to put beside my front door.  I was delighted to find a tiny feather in the leaves!  I was feeling sad today and this was such a great little pick me up.  Our loved ones in spirit  know when we need some comfort.  Thank you, Graham, my sweet boy.  Your love and signs and messages are what keep me going. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

No Limits

I noticed this business van in front of me today while driving. The company name made me immediately think of my poem, "Celestial Realms."  I often quote the last two lines in this poem as the inscription when I sign my books:

Love can’t be measured by hours or minutes,
Love has no boundaries, love has no limits.

Thank you Graham, my dear son, for this wonderful sign.  I have certainly been learning this truth.  Love has no limits.

Celestial Realms

You can now be found,
In Heaven’s celestial realms,
No longer bound by earthly cares,
Trouble-free and light as air.

Happy, and where you are meant to be,
In the plan of eternity,
Having made that highest climb,
Living in joy sublime.

I envy you your new birth,
It’s hard living on this earth,
And with you no longer here,
My days are filled with many tears.

I am trusting in a Divine plan,
Believing our lives are in God’s hands,
Finding faith to persevere,
Praying life’s meaning becomes more clear.

I want to be happy too,
Even though I can’t be with you,
You are with me in other ways,
I feel your presence every day.

Run amidst the moon and stars,
We are together wherever we are,
Love can’t be measured by hours or minutes,
Love has no boundaries, love has no limits.