Monday, September 26, 2011

Angel of Light

      I just wrote a poem for this beautiful angel tapestry we bought a couple of months ago.  I love looking at the tapestry and thinking about the message it conveys.

A lovely angel of heavenly light,
Is on our tapestry to view in delight,
She has golden wings and a golden crown,
Dressed in a white flowing gown.

Beside the angel are seven sweet doves,
Attracted by her angelic love,
In one hand she holds a candlestick,
Light emanating from its wick.

She appears to beckon, as if to say,
Come with me, I’ll guide your way,
Up the steps and through the arched door,
Come with me, there is so much more.

I enjoy having this tapestry to see,
A beautiful image of promise to be,
No hint of shadows or darkness is there,
Only light and love and heavenly care.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Windows to the Soul

Mesmerizing sky blue eyes,
Ageless, deep, and very wise,
My young son, but an old soul,
Who was here briefly to love and know.

Eyes are the windows to the soul they say,
Reflections of inner realms at play,
I understand this now much more,
Than I ever did before.

Why did you have to leave,
For me to remember and to grieve?
What mysteries can you now share,
With your knowledge from over there?

You opened my heart like a flower in full bloom,
But you left far too soon,
My heart grieves and mourns your passing,
But our love is everlasting.

Love transcends space and time,
Written as an eternal rhyme,
I am grateful and very blessed,
For the time you were here with us.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Four Years

     A few days ago my husband and I went to the Quantico National Cemetery where Graham is buried.  We placed these flowers on his grave.  In two more days it will be 4 years since he died.  It is a very difficult week.  I miss my son more than I could ever say.
I am at the cemetery today,
Placing flowers upon your grave,
It’s been four years now since you passed,
Four years ago when I saw you last.

I long to see you once again,
I miss you son, my heart, my friend,
The tears are running down my cheeks,
I feel emotionally drained and weak.

Your gravesite is not where I ever thought to be,
With only your name and dates to see,
Marking the anniversary of the day you died,
And another year that I have cried.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Angels Across the USA newsletter

     This month Angels Across the USA has issued their first of what will be a monthly newsletter.  Angels Across the USA is a bereavement ministry of Alan and Denise Pedersen.  The newsletter is filled with information to educate and inspire all who are working their way through grief.  I was honored to have one of my poems in this first newsletter.  Here is the link if you would like to learn more about Angels Across the USA and to sign up for the free newsletter.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Little Angel

   October is pregnancy and infant loss awareness month.  On October 1st a memory walk for the many brief lives lost will be held near where I live.  I am pleased to be a part of this special event.  I am going to read this poem I wrote for all little angels and their parents, from my mother's heart to theirs.  Bless us all. 

Rock-a-bye sweet baby,
In the angels’ arms,
Lovingly held and sheltered,
Safe from any harms.

I long for my arms to hold you,
There is such an empty place,
I was counting every day,
Until I’d see your little face.

You were growing within me,
With all my love and care,
I was anticipating our life together,
And everything we’d share.

I bought you baby blankets,
Adorable clothes and tiny shoes,
Your room was freshly painted,
All waiting just for you.

We had your name selected,
From within our family tree,
Another generation to cherish,
We were awaiting joyously.

I loved you every moment,
 You were nestled beneath my heart,
I’ll remember you forever,
And all the dreams you were a part.

Laugh and play in Heaven,
Nurtured by a divine hand,
Feel my love surround you,
As I struggle to understand.

Thank-you darling angel,
For however brief the time,
That I was blessed to have you,
My precious baby mine.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Second Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference

 The second annual Afterlife Awareness Conference-2012 will be held in Virginia Beach in March.  I attended the 2011 conference in Phoenix last year.  It was very worthwhile.  This second conference promises to be even better.  Here is the information if you are interested in attending.  There are several different areas of afterlife awareness offered to explore.  I am looking forward to this event!