Sunday, June 28, 2015

Stardust Messages

Several years ago my husband and I made the desk top background on our computer this sky scene and added a line from a Gregory and the Hawks song called "Boats and Birds."  The line is "If You'll Be My Star, I'll Be Your Sky." That line so beautifully expresses the way I feel about my angel son, Graham. I hadn't listened to this song in a long time. This morning I decided to listen to it again. I was brought to tears of amazement when I heard the line, "just leave me your stardust to remember you by." Just a week or so ago I wrote a poem I titled "Trail of Stardust!" I didn't remember that line in the song.
There are so many signs, symbols, messages and synchronicities that come from the other side. I feel they are miracles that help expand our minds to understanding that there is so much more than what we perceive through our five senses. Our loved ones in spirit are helping us to understand this. Love truly is always and forever.

WOW! This afternoon after posting this to the Facebook group, Signs From Our Loved Ones, I went to the mall. When I was walking through the mall to leave I heard this special song play, "Bright," by Echosmith.  I love this song.  I have it on my iTunes play list of songs for Graham.   Guess what one of the lines in this song is? "You sprinkle stardust on my pillow case!" Thank you, Graham, my darling angel boy. I am following your trail of stardust.  xoxo

Friday, June 19, 2015

"All of Me" song message

Last Sunday I had a message from a Facebook friend in Canada. She said that she had been reading my blog on Saturday. That evening she and her husband were out in a large public place. When she went into the washroom she heard the song, "All of Me," by John Legend play.

This really struck her because this song is special to me and was on one of my blog posts that she had read earlier that day about my angel son, Graham. She said that this normally very busy washroom was totally empty and quiet. That's why she heard the song. She said it's the only song that she could clearly make out that entire evening. My friend lost a young son years ago. She said she felt her son at that moment saying, yes, mommy, yes. What a beautiful sign and message of love from our two dear sons. 

The other day I was having lunch with a special long time friend at a downtown restaurant. I was sharing this story with her as we were sitting enjoying our lunch. In the next minute, I kid you not, "All of Me" played in the restaurant! I just sat there and cried in love and gratitude. What beautiful validation from my darling angel boy that love is always and forever.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Trail of Stardust

"Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
Ralph Waldo Emerson

For Graham, my treasured trailblazer.  I love you.

Trail of Stardust

You scatter stardust wherever you go,
Leaving a glittering trail to follow,
It’s magical and sparkling with incandescent light,
Brightening up the sky at night.

In the moon’s soft glow or the sunshine’s rays,
Your shimmering trail is wherever I gaze,
Around the planets, stars, and constellations,
I feel your love and elation.

Unfettered, your soul is free,
Promising you wait for me,
With trails of stardust, your love’s reflection,
In heavenly joy and our heart’s connection.

Copyright © C.A. Stevenson 2015

Saturday, June 13, 2015

To Dance With The White Dog

Some months back a Signs From Our Loved Ones member mentioned "To Dance With The White Dog" was one of her favorite movies. I had never heard of it. It's a little old so it's not available for streaming. The other day when I was in a Hallmark store that I don't usually go to I saw this movie on a shelf! I had to buy it. My husband and I watched this sweet movie last night. It has a beautiful message of eternal love. We felt it was very meaningful. You might like to watch it too. Here is a trailer for it.

Trailer for the movie, "To Dance With The White Dog."