Sunday, August 30, 2015



Forget me not, as if I could,
As if I ever should or would,
Though not in this world to physically see,
Forever you will remain with me.

Love never ends, love never dies,
There are no lasting goodbyes,
Your love and memories are gifts beyond measure,
My never forgotten sacred treasure.

Monday, August 24, 2015

A Wedding Anniversary Sign

Last night my husband and I went out for a lovely dinner to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary today. After dinner as we were walking to our car in the parking lot we saw this license plate - HVEN SNT (Heaven Sent). We were so delighted to have this heavenly message from our dear angel son, Graham, on this special occasion. He is always with us, as are all of our loved ones in spirit. Forever by our sides.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bullfrogs and Butterflies

This is really extraordinary to me. Yesterday afternoon I decided to treat myself to a manicure. My husband and I are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary. I thought it would be nice to have a manicure for the occasion. While I was there I had the thought to have butterflies painted on my nails.
I am always thinking of my angel son, Graham, and things I can do to include him in all I do.
When my nails were painted and I was sitting at the drying table waiting for them to dry another woman came and sat to have her nails dry too. She noticed the butterflies on my nails and said they reminded her of a children's song, Bullfrogs and Butterflies, and we both are born again. I had never heard of this song and was struck by the words- born again. I told her that was really significant to hear because I had lost my 22 year old son. By this time tears were running down my face. She said, oh my I am getting goosebumps! We knew that was Graham letting us know that this was no coincidence. We spoke a little more and I shared with her about Signs From Our Loved Ones. I think she is going to join. It was an amazing experience.

I looked up the song she had mentioned when I came home.  Here it is for us all to enjoy, "Bullfrogs and Butterflies," by Barry McGuire.  We never die, we transform. This is the message that Graham and all of our loved ones in spirit want us to understand. They are always with us and love never ends. What blessed comfort. Love to us all.

Monday, August 17, 2015

2015 Butterfly Release

Yesterday evening my local chapter of Bereaved Parents of the USA had our annual Butterfly Release. It was held at the beautiful memorial garden we created for our treasured children. My husband and I have a plaque there for our son, Graham. We also have a lovely flowering perennial plant by his plaque. You can feel the love and peace in this honored space for our children. 

As part of the program I read my "Butterfly" poem. I was walking across the grass to the microphone to read my poem when I noticed a feather right beside the microphone stand! I picked the feather up and said that feathers are signs too and that our loved ones are always with us. How wonderful it was to also be able to share this sign and message. I hope that it brought a little comfort. Our loved ones in spirit work hard to show us they continue to be a part of our lives. Love never ends. God bless us all.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Family Visit

This is wonderful! My husband took this picture of me with my daughter and grandchildren before they left today. We have a stained glass fireplace screen of our angel son, Graham, in front of our fireplace. Graham ended up being in the picture with us all because his face was showing through the play swing/slide set.  When we downloaded this picture we see that Graham is with us in orbs too! There is a large orb to the right of the lamp and a couple of smaller orbs on the wall to the left of the clock. Family is forever and love never dies. God bless us all and our loved ones in spirit.