Friday, January 29, 2010

Signs from Above

Synchronicities, electricity,
Songs, messages, and feathers.
Clocks, numbers, license plates
And letters that tell of forever.

You were with me once,
You are with me now,
In many ways you tell me how;
Thank you for your loving presence,
We still have your eternal essence.

On days when I feel I stumble,
Your love keeps me ever humble;
Unceasingly, you try to show,
The way in which I must go.

Thank you son, thank you God,
Thank you angels, thank you guides;
With new vision be my eyes,
So that I might see the path to follow,
To not feel so very hollow;
Fill my soul with joy and love
With divine inspiration from above.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Phone Calls From Heaven

To turn on our phone we need to pick it up and press the on button.  When the phone is on, the screen lights up blue.  Sometimes, when I happen to look at the phone, for about 10 seconds it will be turned on and lit up sitting in its base without anyone having touched it - I don't believe that phones usually turn themselves on!  One of the things I have missed the most are the phone calls from Graham.  We used to talk almost every day.  I realized after this happened a number of times that this could be a way that Graham communicates with us, letting us know that he's keeping in touch.  That's why this sign is so especially meaningful to me.

When the kitchen phone lights up in its base,
You can see the joy on my face,
When I see the screen turn blue,
I know it’s you coming through.

It’s one of your signs that I love most of all,
Because I miss your telephone calls,
Thank you for checking in to say,
Hi mom, I didn’t really go away.

I still want you to know,
That I will always love you so,
And I am forever by your side,
Let my love be your guide.

It’s not the same, but I’m still here,
Feel my presence ever near,
With the love that we knew,
Know that I am still calling you.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Blink of an Eye

Twenty-two years went by,
In the blink of an eye,
One moment, a newborn in my arms,
And the next, a young man, gone.

Why was it you that died and not me?
This is not how it’s supposed to be,
I would gladly take your place,
If we could change time’s face.

I gave you life so that you could live,
I gave you all that I could give,
Then you suddenly disappeared,
And somehow I am still here.

So many dreams we’ll never know
No more years to watch you grow,
Only memories for us to keep,
For a life that was far too brief.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Child's Death

The most unfathomable loss,
Beyond any cost,
Against nature and all comprehension,
A child’s death has no explanation.

Our role as a parent is to nurture and protect,
How could we ever suspect,
That despite all our love and care,
Death would come unaware.

It doesn’t matter how young or old,
Parents never imagine to lose this hold,
Your child shouldn’t die before you do,
Where is the world we thought we knew?

Walking a path forged by pain and sorrow,
Searching for peace in tomorrow,
With faith and acceptance in a divine plan,
I pray I come to understand.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Greater Story

Who would know that you would fall,
To be taken from us all,
You had much more life to live,
Artistic talent to create and give.

You wanted to be the best,
And you stood out from the rest,
Single-mindedly you pursued,
All the ideas that came to you.

Dedicated, a visionary, an artist,
You always worked your hardest,
To share the pictures in your mind,
With the rest of mankind.

Maybe here your work was done,
The plan must be a bigger one,
And on greater tides of glory,
You continue to write your story.

Weave your magic once again,
Continue to send messages and love our way,
To remind us every day,
Though your body died,
You are still alive,
Working from the other side,
To help us to see glimpses of eternity.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A Different World

We’ve lived in our house four and a half years,
But it feels as if I just moved here,
I wonder why it doesn’t seem so long,
And realize it’s because you are gone.

Two years ago you passed away,
In some ways time seems to have stopped that day,
If only your death weren’t true,
And life could be the way we knew.

It feels as if I am waiting,
That I am anticipating,
Your return from parts unknown,
That you will soon be coming home.

It’s like a movie, how can this be?
I want to deny the reality,
And see you walking in the door,
Home to visit us once more.

My tears still fall every day,
I never imagined my world this way,
I’ll miss you until the day I die,
When there’ll be no more need to cry.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Several weeks before you died,
We were sitting on the sofa, side by side,
You looked at me and sort of jokingly said,
You know, mom, I'm a genius.

You often claimed to be a genius in a light-hearted way,
It was an amusing thing that you would say;
We laughed and we smiled,
And I replied, that could be,
Thinking that you had always been remarkable to me.

You next said, as an aside,
That geniuses often don't live very long lives;
I acknowledged that this was true,
But didn't make any connection with you.

You were not ill at ease,
It was just an observation made to me;
I wish that I had asked you then,
If you had some premonition.

But when your son is healthy and  alive,
You don't consider that he might die;
Could it be that your soul knew,
The transition you would shortly be going through?

There are many mysteries that the universe holds,
And I long to have answers told,
I pray for divine wisdom and insight,
So I may surrender into the light,
And be at peace with life's questions,
As I journey towards you and heaven.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Tears of Love

Every day the tears still flow,
There is no predicting or control,
No embarrassment or shame,
What is there to blame?

Something said, a song or a thought,
Any number of things can tug my heart,
Tears are a way of cleansing the soul,
Mending us to make us whole.

Every teardrop contains great love,
For the son I am thinking of,
A natural way to honor and respect,
A life and love I’ll never forget.

Spirit moves the love we feel,
With energies to soothe and heal,
I am thankful for this release,
Because the tears will lead to peace.

Someday these tears of sadness,
Will transform into tears of gladness,
Because every day I had with you,
Was worth the mourning I am going through.

Nothing can take our love away,
A gift to treasure for all my days,
Love continues, it never dies,
No matter how many tears we cry.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nativity Reflection

When the holidays were over this year,
 Putting away the nativity set brought tears,
Mary knows what I am going through,
She lost her son, too;
I asked for her compassion, mercy, and grace,
As the tears ran down my face.

I pray for all Heavenly help,
Knowing I can’t recover by myself,
Believing that many spiritual helpers guide,
Lovingly from the other side;
I work to open to their gifts,
So I may feel my soul uplift.

Through this unimaginable pain,
Every day I strive to gain,
The faith that only Heaven can send,
To help this sorrow to transcend,
To rise beyond my profound grief,
So that I may find the peace I seek.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thumbprint of Love

A silver necklace I wear each day,
From your thumb print that was made,
It nestles closely by my heart,
And helps me feel less apart.

The necklace isn't necessary to keep,
A love that is so very deep,
Still, any comfort I can feel,
I gladly take to help me heal.

Engraved on the back, “Love Never Ends,”
Because that’s the message that we send;
Until I die the necklace will be,
Worn with love around my neck to see.

When in great joy and delight,
We will once again unite,
Shedding the earthly body I know,  
In God's love and heavenly  glow.