Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas orbs

After I posted this on my facebook page I noticed the orbs in the picture on the wall behind me!   When we looked at other pictures from Christmas we saw orbs in them also.  Thank you, my sweet boy, for this visual sign of your continued loving presence.  Christmas love and blessings.

This was my facebook post from Wednesday-

Friday, December 28, 2012

Let Your Light Shine

I had a great heavenly message last Sunday.  I had a hair appointment that afternoon.  I have been seeing this hairdresser for the seven years that I have lived here.  She knew and liked my son, Graham. She used to cut his hair too.  I had been sitting in the chair at the salon for about an hour talking with my hairdresser when a song came bursting out in the store that immediately got my attention.  It was Katy Perry singing "Firework."   Up until this point I couldn't tell you what music had been playing.  The other music had not been as loud as this song was.   I told my hairdresser that this song and its message was special to me.   It's a song that I have on my itunes playlist. She told me that it was special to her too.  This song was played at her son's 5th grade graduation.  I told her that I thought it was a message from Graham for us.  She then said, "Oh, I am getting cold chills up and down my body, even in my cheeks." Graham was validating what I was saying.  There is a line in the song that goes- "Ignite the light, and let it shine."  On the drive home just as I was telling my husband about this a car passed in the lane next to ours with a colorful license plate that read SHINEON! I was amazed and delighted!  Graham keeps me going every day. Love is always and forever. ♥

Here is a link to this great song with a great message for us all-
Katy Perry - Firework (youtube)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

First and last Christmases

Christmas 1985, the first Christmas my darling children had together. Laura was 3 1/2, and Graham was 9 months old.  We were living in Seoul, Korea, where Graham was born.

Christmas 2006, the last Christmas my precious children had together. Laura was 24, and Graham was 21 years old.  Twenty one wonderful, beautiful Christmases with the lights of my life.  I treasure every moment and memory.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What About Now?

My husband and I had a very nice weekend.  We drove to my parents on Saturday and spent the night with them.  They live a little over an hour from where we do.  We celebrated my husband's birthday with them by going out to dinner and enjoying a delicious Cold Stone Creamery ice cream birthday cake afterwards.  Sunday my husband and I drove another hour or so away to see our daughter, Laura.  Laura is a middle school band teacher. She is also a member of the Virginia Wind Symphony.  She plays the alto saxophone.  We went to see her perform in a Sunday afternoon concert with The Virginia Wind Symphony.  We joined our son-in-law there along with his parents and his sister.  It was a lovely time.  
When my husband and I were driving back home I started feeling sad and was crying.  My face had been hurting all day with sinus pain.  I think when you don't feel well physically it also affects your emotions.   December is hard any way.   I told my husband that as lovely as our week end was that it was still difficult because I miss our son, Graham, not being with us too.   I said that I will always miss Graham.  Right after saying this the song, "What About Now," came on the radio.  There are many lines in that song that spoke directly to me - "I am right beside you" - "What if our love never went away" - "This broken heart can still survive with a touch of your grace" - "What if you are making me all that I am meant to be-I am by your side".  I believe it was a message from Graham. ♥

Westlife - What About Now?

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

2012 Bereaved Parents of the USA Annual Service of Remembrance

Saturday evening the  Northern Virginia chapter of the Bereaved Parents of the USA held their Annual Service of Remembrance.  It was a very special night.  There was a slide show with pictures of all of our precious children gone too soon, meaningful live music, readings, and a potluck dinner afterwards.  Lovely red poinsettias filled the chapel.  I read two of my poems.  I appreciate having a special service in December each year to honor and remember our children.  The holiday season is so difficult when you are missing loved ones.  It's helpful to be with other bereaved parents.  No words are needed.  We share a heart connection.  Love is always and forever.  Here are some pictures from the beautiful Service.


Thursday, December 6, 2012

Monday, December 3, 2012