Saturday, October 18, 2014

A Blessed Encounter

This is an example to me of how I am learning that nothing is ever truly random. My husband and I decided to go to a local fall home and craft expo this afternoon. One of the craft booths had small matted pictures with names. I stopped to look to see if there was one with my granddaughter's name. These pictures also have the meaning of the name, where it is derived from, personality traits, and real pressed flowers. 

As I was looking through the names I asked the man selling them if he had any with the name of my son, Graham. It's not a common name here and hard to find anything with that name. He said he did! There were two to choose from. I was attracted to the one with the red flower. The personality traits were even very accurate. I then explained to him that Graham was my son and that he had passed. He pointed out to me that the blue flower in the picture is a forget-me-not! It brought tears to my eyes. He had tears too. 

As we spoke a little more he shared with me that he had a wife that passed all of a sudden when she was 37 years old. I gave him my card with info on my blog and book and told him about the wonderful Facebook group that I work with, Signs From Our Loved Ones. He said how he and his son smell his wife's perfume sometimes and know it is her. He was happy to learn about our special group. We hugged and parted knowing that none of this was coincidental. What a blessed gift from spirit. Here is the web site for these special name pictures.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hanging with the Guys

We celebrated my dad's 87th birthday over the weekend at his house.  This is a picture of two of my brothers that was taken in my dad's kitchen.  We were delighted to see the orb to the left of my brother Rob's head in the picture!  Graham is hanging with his uncles.  He is always a part of our family celebrations.   We love you, Graham.  Love is always and forever.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Healing Grace

That is Graham's bedroom window with the candle light shining forth.  His light will shine forever.  

Healing Grace

My house and surrounding lawn,
Bring great comfort to look upon,
A sanctuary of healing grace,
My own personal sacred space.

A contemplative angel takes center stage,
With divine memories in her gaze,
A statue that speaks of life’s sorrows and joy,
The emotions I feel for my dear angel boy.

They soothe and set my soul at ease,
Bringing a sense of calm and peace,
Imbued with my son’s spirit of love and care,
I feel wrapped in his love when I am there.

A lovely flowing waterfall feature,
Visited by nature’s little creatures,
Cascades beside my patio deck,
A tranquil spot to think and reflect.

Frogs sing a chorus of hellos,
With their noisy bellows,
Dragonflies hover over plants in his pond,
While butterflies flit here and yon.

Birds are singing in his apple trees,
Caressed by the gentle scented breeze,
The crepe myrtle trees add bright color,
And remind me of our time together.

Love is the gift that he gave to me,
I feel his presence continually,
His love is my healing grace,
Comforting, cherished, and eternally embraced.