Saturday, August 30, 2014

Memories of You Memorial Candle

I ordered this beautiful memorial candle from Memories of You; she is also on Facebook at  It arrived yesterday.  I love it!  The tears were running down my face.  It is so special.  There are numerous background scenes available.  Here is the description from the web site:

Creating Memories of Your Loved Ones
Your grief journey stirs heartfelt memories...

Let me create a photo candle keepsake of your loved one.
I know the pain of grief and the importance of holding on to memories. I created Memories Of You Candles after losing my son.

 " If a Memories Of You Candle can bring some comfort to you then I have accomplished my intentions".

Each candle is hand-poured
with 17 ounces of unscented
soy wax with a glass lid.
The scene you select is
wrapped around the jar with
your loved ones photo and

Friday, August 29, 2014

Memorial Bench

We just received this special memorial garden bench that we ordered. It's going to go in an area we are creating under one of the apple trees that Graham grew and planted in our backyard. What a gift to have Graham's beautiful apple trees. It should be completed by Graham's Angelversary next month. Another lovely healing oasis filled with Graham's continuing presence and love. This is the web site we ordered the bench from if any one else is interested in having a memorial garden bench.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Angel Number 123

Last week during the night I was awakened from my sleep with what I thought was my doorbell. I sat up in bed and then realized that the doorbell was not an actual one, I had heard it in my mind. I instinctively looked at my bedside clock. The time was 1:23. I was certain this was a message. When I got up later I looked up the meaning of angel number 123. It said that angel number 123 can be seen as a sign of progression (steps) along a journey. This certainly makes sense to me. As further validation that this was a message I had two additional signs that related to this.

My husband and I were out doing a little shopping yesterday. When I was looking at plants outside in the garden area of Lowe's I heard a song play that had numbers in it. I was able to find the song when I returned home in a Google search. Get this, the song title is 1234 by the Plain White T's! It's a great little song about love. Plain White T's - 1234 
Thank you, Graham, my dear son. When we were finished at Lowe's we went to Barnes and Noble. When I was checking out I noticed a display table that had children's books on it. One of the books' titles was 123! I couldn't believe it. I took a picture of the book. There are so many different ways that we can receive signs and messages. Be aware, trust and believe. Spirit is always talking to us. We are never truly alone.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Graham St.

My husband and I drove to a neighboring town today.  Driving back home the traffic was terrible on 1-95 so we got off and tried a different route.  It wasn't the way we would normally go.  We were so surprised when we saw this street sign- GRAHAM ST.!  We had no idea there was a street by this name in this other town we were in.  Another mile or two down the road we saw a sign for GRAHAM PARK RD. but were unable to get a picture of it.  Wonderful signs from our son that he wanted us to see.  I got a little teary-eyed.   Graham shows he is always surrounding us with his love and comfort to keep us moving forward.  We are doing our best.  Love is the bridge.  Love is everything. 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Messages of Comfort

I have been feeling a little sad this week.  I know my son is doing his best to comfort me with his signs and messages.  I am so grateful.  The signs and messages help so much.  They are validations of Graham's continuing presence and love that soothe my grieving heart.

This morning as I was driving a van caught my eye because it had a graphic that read MONARCH POOL SERVICES and had two orange butterflies on it.  At that same time the John Lennon song, We All Shine On, played on my car radio.  I have that song on my iTunes play list.  A few minutes later a favorite message song of mine played, I Will Wait, By Mumford and Sons.  When I was doing my grocery shopping, I heard the Evanescence song, My Immortal, play in the store.  This hauntingly beautiful song has great meaning to me too, and is also on my play list.  

When I was driving home I saw a car with a heart decal in the back window.  I managed to take a picture of it.  A little while later I saw another car with a wonderful message - Angel Rides!  Hearts, love, light, immortality, butterflies, transformation, and angels.  Thank you, my sweet boy.  I hear your messages and see your signs.  I love you too.  Understanding that you are still here is my greatest comfort.  Love is always and forever.