Friday, January 27, 2012

Afterdeath communication stories web site

This site has some wonderful stories of people that have had beautiful experiences of connection with passed loved ones.  They are inspiring and encouraging.  I feel these kinds of experiences and stories are more helpful than any kind of therapy.  We all long to know that our loved ones are still with us, only in a different way.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hello from Heaven

After our son, Graham, died my husband and my daughter worked for several days recording a compilation of his most played music from his iTunes play list. They ended up with six CD's. Graham had very eclectic taste in music. There was jazz, blues, alternative, classical, rock, American roots, country, etc. After Graham's funeral service many people came over to our house. We had Graham's music playing in the background. The music was all random. As people were leaving we were standing with some of his closest friends, who were the last to leave. It had gotten quiet as we said our goodbyes, when all of a sudden the song, "We'll Meet Again," by Johnny Cash started playing. My dad said the hair on his arms stood up! The perfect song at the perfect moment. It was amazing. There was no doubt that was from Graham. Here is the song with the beautiful message for us all to enjoy.

Monday, January 16, 2012

An Uninvited Guest

Grief, an uninvited guest,
Came knocking at my door,
I was shocked when I was confronted,
With news I couldn’t ignore.

You must be horribly mistaken,
I wanted to say,
Surely it is somewhere else,
That you were going to stay.

Grief is not welcome here,
A guest I would never choose,
Incomprehensible to have a child,
To love and then to lose.

Your visit is beyond understanding,
You are not who I wanted to see,
I wish that I could lock the door,
And throw away the key.

You cannot come in here,
Go and leave me alone,
My son is the visitor,
That should be coming home.

My heart is breaking,
Please grief, just let me go,
This pain is almost unbearable,
More than I could ever think to know.

Uninvited and unwelcome,
Turn around and leave,
Why did you have to come,
And leave me here to grieve?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bittersweet Christmas Memories

The holiday decorations are being packed away,
Awaiting another Christmas day,
All the special ornaments from our tree,
Are in boxes surrounding me.

Sometimes I look at an ornament and smile,
Other times I see one and cry for a while,
Remembering each Christmas through the years,
As I sit alone with my tears.

I see my children’s faces filled with joy,
Excited with receiving a wished for toy,
A large building set or a lovely doll,
So many treasured moments to recall.

The years went by and the children grew,
And our family’s happiness grew too,
The holidays spent with us all together,
Were times we thought we’d share forever.

Precious memories, beautiful and sweet,
Of the years when our family was complete,
Vie with emotions of loss and pain,
For the years that now remain.

Our twenty-two year old son suddenly passed,
Who knew this happiness wouldn’t last?
As Christmases come one by one,
There’s a vital link missing without our son.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A Teleportation Sign

Teleportation is defined as the transportation of objects from one location to another without passing through any of the points between them.

Here is the story of one of the most amazing signs my husband and I had from our son, Graham.

Graham liked bamboo plants.  After he died I bought a bamboo plant to have in his bedroom upstairs at home.   Every few days I would go into his room to water it.   One day I noticed that one of the leaves was turning brown.   I tried to pull it off, but it wouldn't come off.   I realized that I would need scissors to cut it off of the plant, which were downstairs, so I decided to do it later.

The next morning when I came downstairs and pulled the computer desk chair out to check my email, the brown bamboo leaf was on the seat of the chair!   I showed my husband the leaf on the chair and explained the story.  It was hard to believe, but there was no logical explanation as to how this could be.  We realized then that it was a sign from Graham, showing us that he stays close by.
 Here is a link to a Facebook group about signs from our loved ones if you are interested - Signs From Our Loved Ones

Tuesday, January 3, 2012