Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A Birthday Candle

Today is Graham's  birthday.  He would be 25 years old.  I wrote this poem  thinking about his birthday and the candle we will have burning all day in his memory.  He is with us always.

This morning we light a candle,
And watch the flame at play,
A candle lit with all our love,
On this special day.

Gone, but not forgotten,
Forever in our hearts,
The candle flame reminds us,
We are never far apart.

A life and love remembered,
We honor you this day,
And celebrate our moments,
Time can never take away.

For each precious memory,
For every treasured year,
We are so very grateful,
For the time that you were here.

Happy birthday to you in Heaven,
Feel the wishes that we send,
We’ll be your mom and dad forever,
Our love will never end.

These are pictures from last year when we had Graham's closest friends over to celebrate his birthday.  The day was much easier with them here.  It was wonderful to reminisce about the good times they all had together.  We are very thankful that Graham had such good friends.  Their love and continued ties with us mean so much.   Thank you Julia, Mike, Vineet, and Jack.


We are having a birthday party for you this year,
 Your good friends will all be here,
Twenty-four years old you would be today,
Had you not passed away.

There will be lots of food that I will make,
And your handsome face is on the cake,
Birthday candles, plates and napkins,
It's still so hard to believe this happened.

In our backyard,
Where your apple trees are,
We will release balloons,
Commemorating a life gone too soon.

With messages of remembrance and love,
To float to you in the sky above,
The day will be bittersweet,
Mixed feelings of joy and grief.

Joy for every moment we shared,
The love that was beyond compare,
Sorrow that our time together is gone,
We must now look beyond.

Certain you will join us in spirit,
Will surely help to cheer us,
As we celebrate a life well lived,
With all the love that we can give.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shining Star

Wherever I am, there you are,
My bright and shining golden star,
A beacon of love helping me,
Become all I am meant to be.

The physical body dies,
But the soul survives,
And with your eternal support and love,
You guide me to what I am capable of.

Broken open from pain and loss,
On my knees with the cost,
I pray the scars on my heart will mend,
Knowing that love never ends.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Choose Love

How do you measure grief,
However long or brief?
For whatever time we have to treasure,
There is no way for this to measure.

Whether infant, child, teenager, or senior,
Whatever the time that we linger,
There is no way to compare,
Another person’s despair.

We can choose to stay broken and bitter,
But we must consider,
In choosing this instead of love,
We block the healing from above.

With a divine team on the other side,
Our loved ones watch and gently guide,
As we work through our pain and sadness,
Spirit wraps its love around us.

In God’s grace I want to live,
In all ways to forgive,
Give me the strength to carry on,
When it feels as if all hope is gone.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Angel Boy

(To see the stars, click for larger picture.)

My angel boy in Heaven,
Spread your wings and fly,
High amidst the clouds and stars,
Across a twinkling sky.

Another ray of starlight,
Beside a brilliant moon,
Your spirit soars with happiness,
Singing a glorious tune.

A spark of God reunited,
Luminous in your joy,
At home again in Heaven,
My darling angel boy.

Shine your light upon me,
Help me find my way,
The days are filled with shadows,
Since you passed away.

Lead me on to Heaven,
When I die and am reborn,
Sparkling like a diamond,
Where no longer I will mourn.

Two lights that will be shining,
Forever side by side,
With the company of angels,
We’ll joyfully abide.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Missing Piece

Blindsided, torn apart,
With a fractured, broken heart,
What am I here for?
My life is strewn across the floor,
Like a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece,
Will I ever be at ease,
With the anguish inside of me,
For the picture that will never be?

The old picture that was you,
Was what I wanted, not something new;
I love you more than I can say,
And every day you've been away,
Leaves an empty space,
That nothing can ever replace;
Help me build my life anew,
Make it possible for me to do.

With God's help and all your love,
Show me what I am capable of,
That a new picture, while not the old,
Can still be worthwhile to hold;
Even though your body died,
I feel you always by my side,
The memory of our time together,
Will live with me forever.

Monday, March 15, 2010

No Regrets

When your heart is broken,
If words had not been spoken,
Those thoughts would play across your mind,
Sorrow for the waste of time.

So grateful there are no regrets,
For words that were not said,
We spoke most every day,
And you would always say.

I love you, Mom, and I'd say, I love you too,
Just a natural thing to do;
Take every chance you can,
So your loved ones understand,
The place they hold within your heart,
The anguish if they'd depart.

Wrap your loved ones in your care,
Helping them to be aware,
The gift of family while they're here,
To love and cherish every year.

Friday, March 12, 2010


I wrote this with a friend in mind who lost her son too.  She has had several unusual dragonfly occurrences since her son died.  Many people feel that our loved ones in spirit use dragonflies as a sign of  their continued love and connection.  ( My husband was lucky to capture this great  picture of a dragonfly for me to use with this poem)!

Dragonflies represent change,
And beside water they like to range,
They also represent our subconscious mind,
And relate to thoughts during meditative times.

A meaningful sign when they appear,
Letting us know our departed ones are near,
Sending us their energy of harmony and peace,
With their beautiful wings to comfort and ease.

I thank the angels each time I see,
A dragonfly circling around me,
It may seem trivial to a few,
But I know they are sent with love by you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Always Near

Every day I feel you near,
Your spirit and energy are still here,
Because I don’t see you physically,
Doesn’t mean you cease to be.

In my life you will always stay,
Nothing can take your presence away,
Grateful for every moment we had together,
Comforted in knowing our love is forever.

I work to not dwell in the past,
Because the blessing of you will forever last,
To bring that forward to the now,
Is what I strive to accomplish somehow.

I am doing the best that I can,
I pray that Spirit understands,
The mourning process is long and slow,
My child’s death not a grief I thought to know.

So many emotions to process and release,
On the road to finding peace,
Thank you for the signs you’ve shown,
To help me not feel so alone.

Knowing you are part of a divine team,
Always present, but not necessarily seen,
Gives me strength to journey on,
When I feel all joy is gone.

Bless you angels, bless you guides,
Thank you loved ones on the other side,
I feel the support and love from you,
With the deepest gratitude.

Heavenly solace for soul-deep pain,
Divine love for me to gain,
Open my heart so that I may receive,
The gift of grace to heal and believe.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Saddest Words

The saddest words I can ever say,
Are that I had a son, but he passed away,
No one, however aware,
Can imagine the pain that I now bear.

Why would this be assigned,
To me in this lifetime?
How could I ever choose to part,
With the treasure of my heart?

There is nothing that will ever fix,
A world that's been blown to bits,
One day all you thought to be true,
No longer applies to you.

A wake up call,
That takes your all,
And leaves you screaming,
Searching for meaning.

My life is all asunder,
But I don't want to go under,
I'm grasping for the lifeline,
To make it through this time.

Shall I sink or shall I swim,
I don't know where to begin,
Sometimes I'd like to float away,
Not having to struggle another day.

Now my inside is coming out,
Helping to remove fear and doubt,
So I take another stroke,
Gradually moving toward the hope.

That in time the seas will calm,
And I will find the balm,
Because everything that I need,
Is really right inside of me.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sacred Union

Germany and Austria were our destination,
When my husband and I went on vacation,
There were many churches we had the chance to view,
Such a privilege to be able to do.

Centuries old churches in baroque style grandeur,
Magnificent biblical paintings in wondrous splendor,
Gilded angels and saints in gold,
Awe-inspiring to behold.

Mary figures with expressions of peace,
Lovingly gazing outward to bring all relief,
One feels the presence of God and his hosts,
Christ, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.

I lit a candle in every church we went in,
And said a prayer for you in Heaven,
Silent tears I cried,
For our beloved son that died.

You are in spirit infused with joy,
In Heaven with all of God’s envoys,
A sacred union to look forward to,
When my life is over and I join you.

(Click pictures for larger version.)