Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beyond the Veil

How wonderful it must be,
To return to pure energy,
Unencumbered, happy and free,
Having shed the earthly body.

No more physical aches or pains,
Heartache, resentments or emotional strains,
Only love and joy prevail,
When we move beyond the veil.

Reconnected to our source and shown,
All the answers we longed to have known,
Beyond the ego and multi-dimensional,
Able to see our greatest potential.

While in the body here on earth,
Experiencing the years from our birth,
It’s hard to see past the illusion and live,
With the greater wisdom that is God’s to give.

Open my heart and my mind,
So while I’m here I may find,
Strength from Spirit to understand,
My soul’s purpose and divine plan.

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