Monday, September 26, 2011

Angel of Light

      I just wrote a poem for this beautiful angel tapestry we bought a couple of months ago.  I love looking at the tapestry and thinking about the message it conveys.

A lovely angel of heavenly light,
Is on our tapestry to view in delight,
She has golden wings and a golden crown,
Dressed in a white flowing gown.

Beside the angel are seven sweet doves,
Attracted by her angelic love,
In one hand she holds a candlestick,
Light emanating from its wick.

She appears to beckon, as if to say,
Come with me, I’ll guide your way,
Up the steps and through the arched door,
Come with me, there is so much more.

I enjoy having this tapestry to see,
A beautiful image of promise to be,
No hint of shadows or darkness is there,
Only light and love and heavenly care.

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