Saturday, November 26, 2011

Another Holiday

We set a place for Graham at our Thanksgiving table and lit his special candle. He is always with us and forever in our hearts. 
Another holiday, another year,
Another holiday without you here,
Our festive table was set with your place,
But we couldn’t see your treasured face.

Special candles were lit for you,
Your light shining in all we do,
Our family joined hands and said a prayer,
Wishing you were in the empty chair.

Your death has been a traumatic shock,
If only I could turn back the clock,
I would rewind to an earlier time,
When you were here alive and fine.

Holidays now have “in loving memory” parts,
Because you live forever in our hearts,
Cherished and loved more than I could ever say,
You are included on every special day.

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