Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Wounded Heart

     This picture is of a pendant on a lovely necklace I recently bought.  It is poignantly significant to me.  Dawn Pierro, of Turtle Moon Designs, made this unique handmade piece.  I feel this broken heart that has been stitched back together beautifully illustrates my thoughts in this poem.  The feather with the heart is also personally meaningful to me.

Two opposite emotions now reside,
Within my heart side by side,
A partnership I didn’t seek,
Often leaving me vulnerable and weak.

One emotion is sheer joy,
For the gift of my precious boy,
The other emotion is deep sorrow,
Because we will share no more tomorrows.

A bittersweet pairing, a constant ache,
The death of a child is true heartbreak,
Love and memories help stitch the heart together,
But the wound remains forever.


Sepehr said...

Hello. My name is Sepehr; a 27 years old boy from Iran. I study English literature at university. I came to your blog by chance. I wanted to say that your poems are great. they are full of emotion and affection. If you don't mind, I want to read them in the class and share your nice poems with my classmates.
You are also a kind mother. God bless your son.

krissy said...

Claire this is so beautiful and I love your pendant, my grandmother was a poet, she wrote many books and had them published, some of her poetry books now reside in the Whitehouse Library! I think its so awesome how you share your beautiful thoughts and words in have a talent, very blessed. they help me find some comfort and I know my son Jesse brought me this way.......

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