Friday, June 22, 2012

The symbol of rebirth and resurrection

In April we had a lovely water garden built in our backyard.  (See my April 2012 posts for some pictures and explanations.)  Included with the water garden were several aquatic plants.  I didn't know what they all were; they were chosen by the water garden designer.  It turns out that one of the plants is a beautiful white calla lily.  It blossomed this past week.  I was curious about the symbolism of calla lilies.  I looked up the meaning of this flower and discovered that it represents rebirth and resurrection.  That's why they are often used in weddings and funerals.  White represents purity.  I don't believe that it was a coincidence for the calla lily to be included as a part of our water garden.  I am so pleased to have this special flower as a part of our memorial water garden for Graham.  I believe that it was meant to be, a message from my son. It inspired this poem.

Calla Lily

A trumpet shaped calla lily tall and upright,
Majestic and lovely in the morning light,
Heralding a message of victory and rebirth,
Resurrection and faith from fertile earth.

White, the color of angels and divine purity,
Holiness and Mary and sympathy,
Beauty and comfort that inspires and uplifts,
One of nature’s most beautiful gifts.

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