Thursday, July 26, 2012

Heavenly Team

I believe that we all have a "heavenly team" of helpers. Our team is comprised of many different beings - passed loved ones, ancestors, spirit guides, angels, saints, and ascended masters. While out driving today this message was brought very clearly to me. When I was behind a car today I did a double take when I noticed the license plate. The license plate read ANGEL-85. 1985 was the year my son, Graham, was born! I kept thinking about this sign. When I was driving home I was amazed when I noticed another license plate on a car in front of me again. It read ST RAFEL. St Raphael, or Archangel Raphael, is the angel associated with healing. I found this link about him if you are interested in more from Doreen Virtue. You know how validations often come in threes? Well, there was one more sign. One last car I noticed had a fish with the word JESUS inside it! I was feeling the need for a message and I feel that my heart's plea was answered. We are never truly alone. Love and blessings to us all.

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