Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What About Now?

My husband and I had a very nice weekend.  We drove to my parents on Saturday and spent the night with them.  They live a little over an hour from where we do.  We celebrated my husband's birthday with them by going out to dinner and enjoying a delicious Cold Stone Creamery ice cream birthday cake afterwards.  Sunday my husband and I drove another hour or so away to see our daughter, Laura.  Laura is a middle school band teacher. She is also a member of the Virginia Wind Symphony.  She plays the alto saxophone.  We went to see her perform in a Sunday afternoon concert with The Virginia Wind Symphony.  We joined our son-in-law there along with his parents and his sister.  It was a lovely time.  
When my husband and I were driving back home I started feeling sad and was crying.  My face had been hurting all day with sinus pain.  I think when you don't feel well physically it also affects your emotions.   December is hard any way.   I told my husband that as lovely as our week end was that it was still difficult because I miss our son, Graham, not being with us too.   I said that I will always miss Graham.  Right after saying this the song, "What About Now," came on the radio.  There are many lines in that song that spoke directly to me - "I am right beside you" - "What if our love never went away" - "This broken heart can still survive with a touch of your grace" - "What if you are making me all that I am meant to be-I am by your side".  I believe it was a message from Graham. ♥

Westlife - What About Now?

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