Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Golden Thread

Around six months ago I was given a message from my dear son in spirit through a special friend. My son, Graham, said to take art lessons from a special art teacher that I know to learn some basics. I have never painted, or thought about doing so, but I didn't hesitate to start taking lessons after receiving my son's message. It has been a fascinating adventure. This week I completed a painting that I have been working on of a dream that I had. In the dream I saw a meditating figure that had golden energy coming out of his hands. I also saw flying figures that were interconnected. I believe that the dream was showing me that we are all connected, even across dimensions. That's why I added the gold cord to the painting. The painting has become magical to me. When I look at the painting in a certain light I can clearly see my son's face in the meditating figure! I also see less clear faces in two of the other figures. I was trying to think of a way to sign my paintings that would combine my name with Graham's because I feel they are a joint endeavor. I was guided by my son to sign my paintings as GRACS, pronounced as GRACE. This is combining the first three letters of Graham's name with my initials. I loved it! It truly is a gift of grace.
I am learning that we are all capable of so much more than we realize. We mustn't ever say that we can't do something. We just need to open ourselves up to all possibilities. Love to all. ♥

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sjmcdowell said...

What an extraordinary dream and painting!!!
We are indeed connected to our loved ones after they depart. Having these glimpses of the hereafter, never leaves us. We must follow the path that is shown us, as that is the path meant to be followed on our life's journey. God Bless you Claire xoxo

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