Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Healing Grace

That is Graham's bedroom window with the candle light shining forth.  His light will shine forever.  

Healing Grace

My house and surrounding lawn,
Bring great comfort to look upon,
A sanctuary of healing grace,
My own personal sacred space.

A contemplative angel takes center stage,
With divine memories in her gaze,
A statue that speaks of life’s sorrows and joy,
The emotions I feel for my dear angel boy.

They soothe and set my soul at ease,
Bringing a sense of calm and peace,
Imbued with my son’s spirit of love and care,
I feel wrapped in his love when I am there.

A lovely flowing waterfall feature,
Visited by nature’s little creatures,
Cascades beside my patio deck,
A tranquil spot to think and reflect.

Frogs sing a chorus of hellos,
With their noisy bellows,
Dragonflies hover over plants in his pond,
While butterflies flit here and yon.

Birds are singing in his apple trees,
Caressed by the gentle scented breeze,
The crepe myrtle trees add bright color,
And remind me of our time together.

Love is the gift that he gave to me,
I feel his presence continually,
His love is my healing grace,
Comforting, cherished, and eternally embraced.

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