Monday, January 19, 2015

We'll Meet Again

The day after my son passed my husband drove to my son's college town to find his car.  My husband found that the CD in the CD player in my son's car was Johnny Cash's "American IV:  The Man Comes Around."

One of the songs on this great CD is a cover of a World War II British song, "We'll Meet Again."  I had never heard this song until I listened to my son's Johnny Cash CD.

My husband and my daughter worked for several days recording a compilation of Graham's most played music from his iTunes play list. They ended up with six CD's.  Graham had very eclectic tastes in music. There was jazz, blues, alternative, classical, rock, American roots, country, etc. After Graham's funeral service many people came over to our house.  We had Graham's music playing in the background. The music was all random. As people were leaving we were standing with some of his closest friends, who were the last to leave.  It had gotten quiet as we said our goodbyes, when all of a sudden the song, "We'll Meet Again," by Johnny Cash started playing.  My dad said the hair on his arms stood up!  The perfect song at the perfect moment.  It was amazing.  There was no doubt that was from Graham.

Until today I had never heard this song play anywhere except when we played it at home.  This afternoon my husband and I were in a bookstore before going to a movie.  As I was standing in the store "We'll Meet Again" started playing on the background music in the store!  It was a woman singing, and we didn't recognize who had done the recording.  My husband and I were so surprised.  I stood there with a full heart thanking Graham for his wonderful message to us.

While we were at the movie theater waiting for the movie to start my husband did a search on his phone to find out who else has covered this song.  One of the groups was "She and Him."  We wondered if that could have been who we heard singing this in the bookstore.

When the movie was over we went to Starbucks.  While we were waiting to order our drinks we noticed the CD's at the counter.  One of them was a "She and Him" album.  We wouldn't have looked at the CD except that my husband had found that She and Him had done a cover of "We'll Meet Again."  We looked to see what songs were on the CD, and one of the songs was "We'll Meet Again"!  We bought the CD and listened to it.  It's the same song and artist that was playing in the bookstore!

Our passed loved ones are a living presence in a different form.  They tell us in so many ways they are still here, and that we'll meet again.  Bless us all and our dear loved ones in spirit.  LOVE NEVER ENDS.  

Here are the Johnny Cash and She and Him covers of "We'll Meet Again."

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