Sunday, February 20, 2011

Give Me Strength

     Last week I was surprised after a visit to our ER to discover that I required a hospital stay.  I ended up needing surgery.  The night before my operation I was apprehensive and started crying.  I got out my pen and paper and started writing.  This is what I wrote, a prayer.  I read this many times before I went into surgery the next morning and felt relatively calm.  My surgery went well and I am making good progress in recovering. 

Tired and weary, scared and sad,
I don’t want to feel this bad,
Emotionally I’ve plumbed the depths,
When I lost my son to death.

Now I face physical pain,
To have my health back again,
Tomorrow will be my surgery,
I pray it goes successfully.

Heavenly helpers one and all,
Hear my heart’s call,
I place myself within your hands,
Surrendering to what is planned.

Come and stay close to me,
Sheltering and supporting protectively,
With your love and healing rays,
Give me strength for upcoming days.

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