Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Crybabies

     Graham worked one summer at a graphic design business that made vinyl graphics for vehicles and businesses.  One business owner wanted to have a sign that said " No Crybabies" on his entry door.  Graham designed this sign for him. This business is on a road I drive on most every day. I look at the door each time I pass by, and think of  my beloved Graham.

I often see the Pro-Trucks store,
With the graphic you designed on their door,
The graphic that reads,
"No Crybabies."

I was thinking,
(As I was weeping),
That I must be strong,
But this road is long.

With many downs and ups,
I feel as if I am on the cusp,
Of a different direction,
A course correction.

Is your graphic a message for me,
A reminder of what not to be?
I want to laugh and to smile,
Knowing every moment we shared was worthwhile.

That no matter the length of time,
 I was blessed to call you mine,
I’ll remember and cherish,
Because our love will never perish.

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