Wednesday, April 20, 2011

On My Knees

We bought this angel statue for Graham's birthday last month.  I was thinking about putting it in our yard, but decided to use it indoors instead.  Shortly thereafter, my husband and I bought the fountain and placed it with the statue, then added the plants and the candle.  It somehow evolved into this indoor grotto.  We love the feeling of serenity this area gives.  The water is soothing to hear.  We draw comfort from this little spiritual oasis of love.
Brought to my knees,
With agonizing need,
When the world without,
Turned to darkness and doubt,

No place to hide,
 I went inside,
Desperate for my pain to ease,
And for faith in which to believe.

I prayed to God,
I cried so hard,
Why is my child dead?
It should be me instead.

With God’s love and Heavenly help,
Move me beyond thoughts of self,
To see the greater picture and plan,
So I might come to understand.

Let me feel your Divine love,
With all comfort from above,
To replace my anguish and grief,
With the peace that I seek.

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