Monday, April 4, 2011

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

     This is a great picture of Graham (and George Mason) taken in Washington, D.C.  Graham and his dad had a great father/son day walking all over and seeing the sights.  It's a wonderful memory for my husband.  We miss Graham so very much, and cherish the time we had together.  Forever our son...

My son’s death leaves such a hole,
I feel so lost without my role,
As his mother and his friend,
Will my heartache ever end?

One step forward, two steps back,
Will I ever get back on track?
Help me to find my stride,
With divine love and comfort guide.

Pick me up when I fall,
I want to stand straight and tall,
I know you don’t want me on the ground,
With tears of anguish the only sound.

Give me strength to carry on,
These days seem far too long,
I hope in victory we will meet,
Not in agony and defeat.

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