Friday, August 19, 2011

In the Garden of What Might Have Been

In the garden of what might have been,
I could get lost in regret and remember whens,
The landscape would remain barren and bleak,
With nothing of color to speak.

That would not celebrate your life while here,
The happiness in every precious year,
Or acknowledge the beauty we were shown,
In the love we were blessed to have known.

I’ve been on my knees in the depths of despair,
But you come to me in my anguished prayers,
Comforting and reassuring me,
That death is not a finality.

I want a garden of wondrous splendor,
With all the love and joy I remember,
Where flowers grow in brilliant profusion,
Showing all that death is an illusion.

Glorious colors as far as the eye can see,
Blooming in magnificent variety,
The air is fragrant with their mingled scents,
Filling my being with all that you meant.

Your garden of love now blooms in my heart,
Nurtured by knowing we are never apart,
I have been opened to new possibility,
By unconditional love and your legacy.

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