Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Rainbow Bridge

Today my husband and I were out on our deck.  We were so surprised when we happened to look up at the sky and noticed an upside down rainbow between two clouds!  We've never seen an upside down rainbow, or a rainbow just between two clouds. It was also unexpected because it hadn't rained.  Look at this amazing photograph.  I think the clouds look like angels.  I believe this is a message validating my Rainbow Bridge poem that I wrote a couple of years ago that is at the beginning of my book!
I’m going to meet you halfway, Graham, come take my hand,
I’m walking steadily toward the Promised Land,
I won’t let you leave me, I’m not far behind,
You are with me always, son of mine.

One foot in Heaven, and one foot on Earth,
I straddle both worlds now, a totally new turf,
Like a rainbow’s promise on a distant ridge,
Let us join together and make a bridge.

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