Thursday, October 6, 2011

Angelic Vision

     I posted this same picture with my Rainbow Bridge poem last month, shortly after it was taken.  After contemplating the significance of this beautiful message in the sky I wrote another poem.  Here is my latest poem with the angel clouds picture again.
A rainbow’s promise and angelic love,
Shown to me in the sky above,
I gazed in wonder at the clouds of white,
Amazed to see this glorious sight.

Two angel shaped clouds with a rainbow in between,
A bridge of colors to be seen,
Rays of aqua, violet, and blue,
So lovely and luminous to view.

Was this a heavenly message for me,
A promise of things yet to be?
I long to cross this rainbow bridge,
To understand the life I live.

Loving angels are guiding my way,
I am listening to hear what they say,
Love is the beacon, the heart connection,
That shines the light on new direction.

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