Sunday, October 30, 2011

Angelversary Dime

I was buying flowers for my son’s resting place,
As tears were running down my face,
I kept thinking how it’s been four years,
Since the last time that he was here.

I walked out to my car to find,
A bright and shiny silver dime,
Beside my car’s front door,
Not something that I was looking for.

The date on the dime was 2007,
The year my son went to Heaven,
I knew this was a sign for me,
From my son for me to see.

A way of validating what was on my mind,
Acknowledging the four year length of time,
A message that was sent my way,
To help comfort on this difficult day.

I was amazed to receive this Heaven sent sign,
In the parking lot for me to find,
A message of love and continuing ties,
Tangible proof that love never dies.

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