Saturday, April 28, 2012

Graham's Memorial Water Garden

Five years ago Graham did a lot of work for my husband and me in a section of our back yard.  A few months later this section of our yard became Graham's memorial garden.  I posted pictures of Graham and a poem that I wrote about this earlier on this blog -

Last week Graham's memorial garden became even more special.  We had it transformed into a beautiful water garden with the addition of two lovely waterfalls and a koi pond.  The azalea bushes, day lilies, and phlox that were originally planted are all still there, they were just rearranged.  We are delighted with this water feature!  Graham always thought a pond would be nice to have in our yard.  He also liked the idea of having koi fish.  What a wonderful, healing connection this is with Graham.  It is an oasis of solace for us.

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