Friday, April 6, 2012

I Hear You

I Hear You

I can hear you in silence,
Or in confusion and noise,
I hear you now and forever,
In life’s tragedies and joys.

I listen for you always,
 Although I cannot see,
Your physical self as before,
When you were here with me.

You speak to me in whispers,
In thoughts that cross my mind,
Or in flashes of inspiration,
With words that flow and rhyme.

Your signs and validations,
The messages I receive,
Ignite my creative energies,
And help me as I grieve.

Love is never ending,
Our bodies are only form,
You are teaching this important lesson,
For those of us who mourn.

With your partnership in spirit,
I am finding solace for my pain,
Love is always the answer,
 The destination for us to aim.

You are a blessing beyond measure,
My treasured son and friend,
You show that crossing over,
Does not mean a relationship ends.

Love is like a circle,
In joy we both will fly,
We are bonded forever,
Because a soul can never die.

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